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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

Aug 15, 2023

Unlocking the Earning Potential of Pinterest in 2023

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Pinterest, with its 450 million active users, offers various ways to monetize your online presence, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and selling products. Pinterest also provides opportunities for monetization through programs like the Pinterest Creators Fund and the Creator Rewards Program, which offer financial grants, educational resources, increased exposure, and networking opportunities.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Pinterest has held its ground as a platform where users seek inspiration, ideas, and advice. With over 450 million active users, Pinterest offers an array of opportunities for savvy creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs looking to monetize their online presence. From affiliate marketing and sponsored content to selling your own products or services, Pinterest's visual and search-driven nature opens up unique avenues for generating income.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to effectively make money on Pinterest, providing you with proven strategies, tips, and insights to transform your passion into a profitable venture. Whether you're a seasoned Pinterest user or a newcomer to the platform, these monetization methods can help turn your creative pursuits into a fruitful business. Let's delve into the lucrative world of Pinterest!

Is It Still Possible to Make Money on Pinterest in 2023?

In an age when social media platforms seem to come and go, some may wonder whether Pinterest, founded back in 2010, still holds potential for monetization in 2023. The short answer is a resounding yes.

Pinterest continues to evolve, constantly introducing new features and improvements to support its user base, both on the consumption and creation sides. The platform remains a go-to source of inspiration for millions of users worldwide, who use it to discover everything from home decor ideas to fashion tips, DIY projects, recipes, and so much more.

Unlike more transient content on other social media platforms, Pinterest pins have a longer lifespan and can continually attract traffic to your site or products for months or even years after they're posted. This enduring nature of pins contributes to Pinterest's ongoing monetization potential.

Moreover, Pinterest's visual and search-driven nature makes it an excellent platform for businesses and creators. It's particularly effective for driving traffic to external sites, which is why it's loved by bloggers, online retailers, and anyone who relies on web traffic for revenue.

Furthermore, with the introduction of new features like shopping ads and shoppable pins, Pinterest has increasingly become a direct e-commerce platform. Users can now discover and purchase products without ever leaving the app, offering businesses more opportunities to make sales.

So, whether you're an artist selling your prints, a blogger relying on ad revenue, or an affiliate marketer promoting products, Pinterest continues to offer a potent mix of tools and audience engagement to help you make money in 2023.

Start Your Business

Using the Pinterest Creator Fund

In an effort to nurture and promote fresh talent, Pinterest launched the Pinterest Creators Fund. This program is designed to provide financial and educational support to creators, particularly those from underrepresented communities. Here's how you can benefit from this initiative:

  1. Financial Grants: The Creators Fund offers financial grants to selected creators. This financial boost can help you invest in equipment, create more high-quality content, and ultimately expand your presence on Pinterest.
  2. Educational Resources: As a part of the fund, Pinterest also provides access to a suite of educational resources. This includes workshops, webinars, and one-on-one coaching, covering everything from content creation to audience growth strategies. These resources can help you improve your skills and optimize your Pinterest strategy.
  3. Increased Exposure: Pinterest actively promotes creators supported by the fund. This increased exposure can help you reach a larger audience, attracting more followers and potential customers.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Being a part of the Creators Fund can give you opportunities to network with other creators, Pinterest experts, and industry professionals. These connections can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and other growth opportunities.

To be eligible for the Creators Fund, you'll need to apply when applications are open and meet Pinterest's specific criteria, which usually focus on originality, representation, and engagement. Even if you're not selected for the fund, Pinterest offers plenty of free resources for creators through its Creator Hub, making it a valuable platform for anyone looking to monetize their content. Check Pinterest's official channels for the most current and accurate information.

Joining the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program

The Pinterest Creator Rewards Program is another great avenue for monetizing your content on Pinterest. It's a program that incentivizes creators to publish high-quality, engaging content on the platform. Here's how you can make the most out of this program:

  1. Understand the Program: The Creator Rewards Program is based on points that can be earned by completing certain actions, such as posting Idea Pins, gaining followers, or receiving engagement on your content. The more active and successful you are on the platform, the more points you can earn.
  2. Redeem Your Points: Once you've accumulated a certain number of points, you can redeem them for various rewards. As of September 2021, exact details about the rewards weren't fully disclosed, but they might include features like ad credits, profile boosts, special badges, access to exclusive Pinterest events, or even direct payments.
  3. Create Engaging Content: The key to earning points is to create content that resonates with your audience. Focus on quality over quantity. Experiment with different formats like static pins, video pins, or Idea Pins, and see what your audience responds to the most.
  4. Engage with Your Audience: Responding to comments, engaging with your followers' content, and maintaining an active presence on Pinterest can help boost your points. It's not just about creating content, but also about building a community.

Stay Updated: Pinterest often updates its policies and programs. Be sure to stay updated with the latest changes to the Creator Rewards Program to make the most of it.

Joining the Creator Rewards Program is a smart move for any creator looking to expand their influence and income on Pinterest. It not only incentivizes the creation of quality content but also rewards the effort put into engaging with the community and building a solid Pinterest presence.

Driving Traffic and Using Ads to Monetize on Pinterest

Pinterest's ability to drive significant traffic to external sites, coupled with its advertising capabilities, makes it a compelling platform for monetization. Here's how you can leverage these aspects to generate income:

Driving Traffic to Your Website or Blog

If you have a blog or website that generates revenue through ad impressions, affiliate links, or selling products or services, Pinterest can be a fantastic source of traffic. Create attractive and engaging pins that link back to your site. Optimize your pins with SEO-friendly descriptions and keywords to make them discoverable in Pinterest search. Also, consider creating multiple pins for the same content to reach a wider audience.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest's advertising platform allows businesses to promote their pins to a larger, targeted audience. These promoted pins appear in the user's home feed and search results, looking like regular pins but with a 'Promoted' label. Running Pinterest ads can boost the visibility of your brand, products, or services, driving increased traffic and potential sales. You can target ads based on demographics, interests, and behavior to reach your ideal audience.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads take Pinterest advertising a step further by automatically creating Promoted Pins from your existing product feed. When users click on these pins, they're taken directly to your website to make a purchase. This is an excellent option for e-commerce businesses looking to increase their sales.

Video Ads

With the rising popularity of video content, video ads on Pinterest offer an engaging way to showcase your products or services. These ads can tell a more in-depth story about your brand and captivate users, driving higher engagement and conversions.

Successful monetization on Pinterest, especially with ads, requires regular testing and optimization. Monitor your analytics to understand what type of content resonates with your audience and drives the most traffic. Experiment with different pin designs, ad types, and targeting options to find what works best for your specific goals.

Making Money Directly With Purchases on Pinterest

Pinterest's journey from a platform of inspiration to a direct shopping portal is good news for creators and businesses. The platform's evolving e-commerce features have made it possible for users to discover and purchase products directly from pins, providing a streamlined shopping experience. Here's how you can monetize your Pinterest presence directly through purchases:

Product Pins

If you're selling physical or digital products, Product Pins are your best friend. These are useful pins that include real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy your product. Users who click on a Product Pin are taken directly to your online store to make a purchase.

Shop the Look Pins

These pins allow you to tag up to 25 items in a single image, making them perfect for fashion, home decor, and other visually oriented industries. When users click on individual tags, they're shown related Product Pins and can click through to purchase.

Catalogs and Shopping Ads

If you have a wide range of products, consider uploading your entire catalog to Pinterest. Once your catalog is uploaded, you can create Shopping Ads for groups of related products, making it easier for users to discover and purchase your items.

Shoppable Idea Pins

Pinterest's newest feature, Shoppable Idea Pins, allows creators to tag products in their Idea Pins (previously known as Story Pins). This can turn your content into a shoppable experience, directing viewers to your products right as they're engaging with your content.

Verified Merchant Program

If you meet Pinterest's qualifications, consider joining the Verified Merchant Program. Verified merchants get a special badge on their profile and products, which can instill trust in potential customers. They also get access to advanced shopping features and analytics.

By using these tools, you can turn Pinterest from a platform of discovery into a direct sales channel, capitalizing on users' intent to purchase. Remember, successful selling on Pinterest relies on offering high-quality products, presenting them in an appealing way, and optimizing your pins for discoverability. With the right strategies, Pinterest can become a significant source of sales for your business.

Using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another viable way to monetize your Pinterest presence. It involves promoting a third-party product or service and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral. Pinterest's visual nature, coupled with its search functionality, makes it a strong platform for successful affiliate marketing. Here's how to get started:

Choose the Right Affiliate Program

First, find an affiliate program that aligns with your niche and audience. The products or services you promote should be of genuine interest to your followers. Some popular affiliate networks that have a wide range of products include Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and CJ Affiliate.

Create Engaging Pins

Once you've chosen a product or service to promote, create appealing pins that showcase it effectively. This could be a product image, a before-and-after comparison, a tutorial, or any other visual that accurately represents the product. Remember, your pin should add value to the viewer, not just act as an advertisement.

Optimize for Discoverability

Make your affiliate pins discoverable by using relevant keywords in your pin title and description. You should also categorize your pin correctly and use relevant hashtags. This will help your pin appear in search results and reach a larger audience.

Disclose Your Affiliation

It's crucial (and required by law in many countries) to disclose that your pin includes an affiliate link. You can do this by including a simple disclaimer in your pin description. Being transparent with your audience will help build trust and maintain a good relationship with your followers.

Track Your Performance

Most affiliate programs provide a way to track your clicks and conversions. Monitor your performance regularly to see which pins are performing well and why. Use this information to refine your approach and improve your affiliate marketing strategy.

The key to successful affiliate marketing on Pinterest is to promote products that you genuinely like and think would benefit your audience. By being authentic and providing value, you can create a sustainable income stream through affiliate marketing.

Helping People 'Shop Your Look' on Pinterest

One of the innovative ways to make money on Pinterest, especially if you're in fashion, home decor, or any other aesthetic-driven industry, is through the "Shop Your Look" feature. This tool enables you to tag specific items within your Pin's image that users can click on to purchase directly. Here's how you can leverage this feature:

Create Engaging Visual Content

High-quality, eye-catching images are the foundation of successful "Shop Your Look" pins. These images should showcase your products in a real-life context - think of an outfit worn by a model or a piece of furniture in a styled room. This gives users a sense of how the product might fit into their own lives.

Tag Your Products

Once you've created your image, you can tag the products in it using Pinterest's tagging feature. You can tag up to 25 products in a single image, allowing users to explore each product individually.

Link to Your Online Store

Ensure that each tag links directly to the product's page on your online store. This makes it easy for users to purchase the product immediately if they're interested.

Optimize Your Tags

Just like with any pin, using the right keywords in your tags and descriptions is crucial for discoverability. Make sure to use specific and relevant keywords for each product to help your pin appear in the right searches.

Promote Your Pins

Consider promoting your "Shop Your Look" pins to increase their visibility. This can help you reach a larger audience and drive more traffic to your products.

Remember, "Shop Your Look" isn't just for fashion influencers or big brands. Even if you're a small business owner selling handmade crafts or an artist selling prints, this feature can help potential customers visualize how your products can fit into their lives, making them more likely to make a purchase.

How to Use SEO on Your Pins

While Pinterest may look like a social media platform, it operates much like a search engine. Understanding and implementing Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to maximizing your visibility and monetization opportunities. Here's how to optimize your Pinterest presence for search.

Keyword Research

Just like with traditional SEO, keyword research is a critical first step. Identify keywords relevant to your content and audience using Pinterest's search suggestions, trending topics, and categories.

Optimize Your Profile

Make sure your username and profile bio include relevant keywords. This not only makes your profile easier to find but also communicates to visitors what kind of content they can expect from you.

Optimize Pin Descriptions

Each of your pins should have a detailed description filled with relevant keywords. This not only helps Pinterest understand what your pin is about but also helps users find your content when they're searching for those keywords.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Although Pinterest isn't as hashtag-focused as platforms like Instagram or Twitter, using a few relevant hashtags can help boost your content's discoverability. Include these in your pin descriptions.

Create and Organize Boards

Organizing your pins into well-named, keyword-rich boards can improve your SEO. It also makes your profile more user-friendly, encouraging visitors to spend more time exploring your content.

Pin Regularly

Consistent activity tells Pinterest that you're an active pinner, which can boost your overall SEO. Try to pin regularly, whether that's daily or a few times a week, to keep your profile active.

Engage With Other Pins

Don't just post your content - engage with others as well. Liking, commenting, and repinning other relevant content can improve your visibility and credibility on the platform.

Implementing these SEO strategies can help you reach a larger audience on Pinterest, driving more traffic to your pins, and ultimately, increasing your chances of monetization. It might take some time to see results, but with patience and persistence, Pinterest SEO can significantly boost your success on the platform.