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Wyoming Mail Forwarding & Scanning Service

Wyoming Virtual Office

Our business formation services make it easy and fast to set up a business in Wyoming, but that's not the only thing we can do for your business. We also offer mail forwarding and scanning services as well as registered agent services, so you can maintain a professional address without compromising your privacy.

Not only do these services help safeguard your personal information while still allowing you to form a business, but they also enable you to form a business in a location outside of where you live. These services even make it easier to run your own business and avoid being inundated with excessive junk mail.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

How Does WY Mail Forwarding Work?

Our mail and document handling processes are simple. All mail is scanned within 24 hours of our receiving it. It's uploaded to a dedicated documents section of your client portal, and you receive an e-mail notification. If the package is too large to scan, then we notify you and advise you of shipping options. You may use USPS, UPS, or FedEx. International clients may alternatively request DHL or another courier service if they prefer.

Free Mail Scanning


Our mail scanning services are included for free if you call us to serve as your registered agent. If we form your LLC or corporation, your first year of registered agent service is free. Our basic registered agent service without additional mail forwarding includes five pieces of mail scanned per year. Junk mail and registered agent mail do not count toward that total.

If you need additional mail scanned, you have the option to purchase more mail.For either service, you have the option to forward your mail via first-class or through expedited forwarding with tracking for an additional fee.

Start Your Business

Free Physical Business Address


Our clients also receive free use of our physical business address, which you can put on filings, websites, cards, and invoices. This may be done for privacy or convenience. When you're looking for a Wyoming mail forwarding service, don't settle for a service that provides a virtual address or mailbox, and don't end up saddled with a P.O. box with limited use. Use our physical address and keep it professional!

Wyoming Virtual Office


Need more than just a business mail forwarding service? Our Wyoming virtual office service also provides a unique business address, a commercial lease agreement, and phone forwarding. This setup is ideal for digital nomads, those who value privacy, and our bookkeeping clients.

Our virtual offices are commonly used by online companies that do not have a physical presence elsewhere or wish to establish a nexus in Wyoming for the purpose of asset protection. We also have physical office space for rent if needed.

Junk Mail

We do not count junk mail toward your total package. While we are good at sorting mail pieces, we prefer to throw out too little mail rather than too much. So occasionally, there may be a piece of junk mail that slips through.

If it does, don't worry! Just notify us and we can correct your mail count.

Principal Place of Business & Mailing Address

Part of our registered agent service includes a free business address. This lets you avoid putting your home address online, plus it routes your business mail away from your home. We offer a similar service in states other than Wyoming as well to help ensure our clients’ privacy.

Why Use a Mail Service?

The most common reasons our clients give for using our mail forwarding and scanning services are:

Simplicity: There's no need to handle mail or hire employees to do this task. If you choose scans, just log into your portal at your convenience. With our free Wyoming mail scanning or an upgraded mail services package, we can send your packages to wherever you are located. This is an especially important reason for single-member LLCs and other single-member companies, since it prevents adding unnecessary work to the owner’s plate.

Privacy: Using our address for business purposes rather than your own helps keep your personal information private.

Nexus: Using a virtual office can help you establish a corporate nexus for your Wyoming LLC or corporation.

As of right now, we only offer mail scanning and forwarding to clients who are also registered agent clients of ours. If you're interested in adding a mail forwarding package to our services, contact us today.

Mail Service FAQs

There are two ways to get a Wyoming address for your business. The first and most obvious is to own or rent property in the state of Wyoming. However, this may not be feasible for every person who wishes to have a Wyoming address for their business. A virtual office allows out-of-state business owners to operate their company as if it were physically located in Wyoming.

No, you do not need to have a physical address in Wyoming to form an LLC based in the state. In lieu of a physical address, you can use a virtual office service. Virtual office services allow you to use an existing physical address in Wyoming as a corporate nexus, which in turn can be used to form an LLC as if you were in Wyoming.

Mail can be forwarded to a remote location. In order to set up mail forwarding to a new location, simply make us aware of the address change. Be sure to alert us when you want to change it back or let us know that the mail will need to be forwarded for a set amount of time.

Yes, mail forwarding is private, we do not open your mail. Additionally, mail forwarding is a great way to avoid junk mail and to keep your address from being listed on too many public records databases. Many business owners choose to use mail forwarding in order to avoid exposing themselves to additional privacy concerns.

No, junk mail does not count toward your overall totals for mail forwarding. In some instances, a piece of junk mail will end up forwarded to you and will count against your total. If that happens, simply reach out to us, and we will remove the piece of junk mail from your total.

Yes! A virtual office address can be used to form an LLC in Wyoming. In Wyoming, it is acceptable for you to form a company without residing in the state or headquartering your company in the state. Just remember that this is true of virtual offices, but you cannot use a P.O. box to form a company in Wyoming.

When you make use of our mail forwarding service, you’ll be given a way to contact us and manage the mail that is sent your way. When you sign up you will also be sent your new address that you can use to form a company and avoid giving out your private information.

When we receive the mail, we will scan and upload it. If it is junk mail, we will toss the item, though an occasional piece of junk mail may slip through as we prefer to err on the side of caution with mail that is potentially viable.

Once you have the digital copy, you can access it as needed. If you have a package that includes original copy forwarding, we will forward you the original copy on request. In the event that you receive a package, we will scan the package (if possible) and then forward the physical package to you. This may incur an additional fee for the postage of the item depending on the plan you are using.