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Learn The Facts About Wyoming LLC Privacy

Form a Wyoming LLC-Wyoming LLC Benefits

Wyoming LLCs Are Private

Wyoming LLCs are sought after due to the strict privacy laws surrounding them. This page will focus on what information is made available, to whom and why. It will also contain a small justification for those who seek privacy. That is, we will explain why the pursuit of privacy is a given right and natural, not something to feel "dirty" about.

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What Does The Secretary of State Know

Wyoming's Secretary of State does not require an LLCs owners or managers to be listed on the Articles of Organization. Further, Wyoming does not have income tax for corporations or individuals. This means your LLC will not have to file any personally identifying information with the state. One of the reasons we recommend using our service is to ensure your money trail ends with the corporate service provider, rather than with the state. This further ensures the state is not involved in your affairs.

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Am I right to desire privacy?

Let us now address the issue of privacy. There is a common misconception that people who want privacy are "hiding" something or are up to no good. This is flatly false. The fact is people have a constitutional right to privacy. There's nothing to gain from publishing your personal information for all the world to see. Have you ever heard of a homeless man being sued for millions? No, but business owners face this problem. This is why we promote Wyoming LLCs and have no qualms with our customers seeking privacy. We believe it is one of the Wyoming LLC's best benefits, and helps separate us from other states, e.g. Florida's LLC.

Parting Thoughts on Anonymous LLCs

Our clients are right to desire privacy. Few have anything to gain from making their personal affairs public. Whether you wish to hide your financial situation from neighbors, family or aggressive creditors, we can assist you. For those living outside Wyoming, using our professional registered agent service is necessary to stay in compliance with the state. We also recommend utilizing our Wyoming Virtual Office service as well. This will allow you to present a professional face to the world, without requiring you to disclose information such as your address or phone number. You simply enter our information everywhere you need and we handle the rest. It doesn't get simpler, or more discrete, than that.

We have a constitutional right to maintain our privacy and conduct our business affairs outside public view. Wyoming's wonderful for this. When you think of Wyoming, what’s the first thing to come to mind? For us, it’s freedom. This is due to the fact Wyoming still has the old west mentality where when we gather around the campfire at the end of the night, you don't ask me about my business and I don’t ask about your business. There’s a lot of truth to this. An anonymous limited liability company in WY can even be used to make private a company in another state. For example, you can create an anonymous Florida LLC by following this guide

Wyoming C-Corps do not enjoy the same privacy rights as Limited Liability Companies. They are not required to list directors or officers the first year. However, when the first annual report comes due the information must be submitted. The only way to avoid this requirement is to use a corporate nominee service to maintain their privacy. Learn more about what privacy Wyoming Corporations allow here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Wyoming LLC is anonymous if you want it to be. Wyoming does not require members or managers be listed, only the registered agent and person who files the paperwork. Every WY LLC we file is private.

Creating an anonymous LLC in Wyoming is as simple as finding a registered agent willing to act as the organizer. Every LLC we form is anonymous, with owners and managers never being made public.

Yes, LLC owners can be anonymous. Privacy is a right and there is no reason to make personal information public. It makes your creditors lives easy and can hurt your family. All LLCs should be anonymous in our opinion.

There are several ways to keep your LLC private, but the easiest way to guarantee anonymity is to work with a professional registered agent or law firm such as ours. We work to keep every LLC private as we believe that's best for clients.