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The Best Registered Agent in Wyoming

You probably know every Wyoming company must maintain a registered agent in Wyoming. This is not an excuse to overpay for a "professional" or national registered agent service, though. What you probably don't know is that other agents can sell your information. As a law firm, it would be illegal for us to do this. This makes us possibly the best Wyoming Registered Agent.

Our clients are covered by attorney client-privilege and we take your privacy seriously. You can register a company and have us act as your agent, or if we form your Wyoming LLC, then you receive the first year of our Wyoming Registered Agent service free. We hope to make you a client today.

We are also happy to announce we now assist with online bank account openings. You no longer need to visit a local branch, but can instead have us handle the application process.

Service:Wyoming Registered Agent
What’s Included:Online portal for files and messaging, Free Mail Scanning (5 Pieces Per Year), Privacy
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What's The Process?

Simply complete our order form, pay the fee and we will switch you to our Wyoming registered agent service. We handle the Secretary of State filings and will update your business address as well. You will receive a client portal for your documents and filings, and we mail the change of agent form the same day. The process takes approximately one week. We want you to focus on what's important... running your business.

  • Online portal for files and messaging.
  • Free Mail Scanning (5 Pieces Per Year)
  • Privacy
  • Peace of mind.

We are happy to be your business partner should you come to require more than a registered agent in Wyoming. We can assist with properly establishing a holding company to shield assets and minimize taxes. We are at heart an estate planning law firm, so asset protection trusts and intergenerational wealth transfers are no problem, either.

Wyoming Corporate Services

Beyond being a registered agent, we are proud to provide a full suite of corporate services for our clients. Starting, running and maintaining your Wyoming business should be easy and affordable. With our services it is!

Form A Wyoming LLC

Wyoming Limited Liability Companies are popular throughout the world. Most of our clients are from outside the state and many are foreign. Regardless of your reasons for doing business in Wyoming we are happy to help. Wyoming LLC benefits include privacy, no state taxes and low annual fees. You can use our LLC formation service, or register the business yourself.

Wyoming Corporations

Wyoming Corporations is a formidable alternative to Nevada and Delaware's Corporation. We offer no state taxes, anonymity and low filing fees. Unless you are looking to take your company public (in which case we can help), Wyoming's mix of benefits likely stands to benefit you.

Wyoming Virtual Office

If we form your LLC or corporation, your first year of registered agent service is free. Our registered agent service includes 5 pieces of mail scanned per year. Junk mail and registered agent mail do not count toward that total. If you need additional mail scanned, you have the option to purchase more mail. Our virtual office package includes unlimited mail scanning. For either service, if mail forwarding is required, we have the option to forward your mail for free via first class (if applicable) or we offer expedited forwarding with tracking for and additional fee.

In addition to mail scanning, our virtual office services provide a unique business address, commercial lease agreement, and phone service. This suite of services is designed for those looking to establish a nexus in Wyoming or to avoid the hassles of a traditional office space. Why hand out your home address and receive mail at home, when you can use our virtual office instead?

Wyoming Registered Agent Service

Every client receives five pieces of free mail scanning. We scan by default and can forward the mail if needed. Most clients receive very little mail. Usually just checks and a debit card for their business bank account. International mail forwarding is not treated any differently than domestic mail. Note, Wyoming Series LLC only require a single agent for the parent or holding company. This can significantly reduce prices over the long term.

Common Questions About Registered Agents

What is a Registered Agent?

The registered agent you choose will be the public face of your company. Their information goes into the public domain and is as the point of contact for legal notices etc. Every Wyoming company must have a registered office in Wyoming.

Cheap Registered Agents

Not often will you find a registered agent service that is best AND cheapest. There will be a compromise somewhere. With our service, you avoid two scenarios. The first is simply annoying: countless back-and-forth calls and emails drag out the simple process of changing registered agents in Wyoming. We know your time is valuable, and we promise not to squander it.

Say you place your house in a corporation and someone decides to sue you. They proceed to “notify” the registered agent, but you don’t find out. Legally you have been served, practically you have been given a bad service that could cost you a FORTUNE! Price shouldn’t be the only factor, reliability is of the utmost importance too. So choose our agent service wisely. We let you focus on what’s important: running your business. Fill the form below and we handle the rest. You will receive a welcome email with instructions for logging into your client portal. You can log in, check it out and then get back to your business. It's that simple.

Important: We are a law firm and clients thus are covered by attorney-client privilege for privacy. This distinguishes us from other “similar” Wyoming agents. Ask other agents to help you form an asset protection trust, or fit your LLC into an estate plan, and see how far you get. With them, your relationship ends when you pay - with us, it is only the beginning.

Can You Be Your Own Agent?

Only if you live in Wyoming. Even in this case, though, we advise against it. This is because the registered office is part of the public record. Why broadcast your identity and location when you don't have to? One of Wyoming's greatest appeals is their LLCs are private and there is no reason not to take advantage of this.

Switching Agents

It's possible, but we advise designating a third party to perform this essential role. The first reason is privacy. The agent's information is part of the public record. The second is having a designated company to receive your documents ensures nothing "slips through the cracks". Should you be served with a lawsuit and either you or a cheap registered agent, miss the notice then the legal clock starts ticking anyway. Don't become a registered agent, retain us and focus on your business activities.

What's a Wyoming Agent?

Wyoming companies must retain a registered office in Wyoming. Your agent's job is to be the receiver of government documents and your LLC or Corporation, e.g. notices from the state and lawsuits. A poorly organized resident agent service could cause mayhem here.

Wyoming LLC Registered Agent

We can act as the agent for any entity in Wyoming. Whether you have a statutory business trust, corporation or limited liability company, we can be your registered agent in Wyoming for the same affordable price. Empowering our clients is our mantra. Whether you want us to handle your next LLC formation, or prefer to register a business yourself. We maintain an office Sheridan, WY and can meet clients in person if desired. Note, filing a DBA does not double your resident agent fees. You will only be responsible for the primary company. Want to know more about Wyoming LLCs or Series LLCs in Wyoming? Then please click the respective links.

Doing Business in Wyoming

Wyoming companies offer many unique benefits, from privacy and asset protection to low fees. Unlike Nevada, there is no required business license. Unlike Delaware, you can obtain a certificate of good standing online immediately.

Not sure where to start? We offer numerous resources online for free. View our pages on obtaining a Wyoming DBA, filing for apostilled documents and learn how to file your annual report. Please reach out with any questions about these resources or our Wyoming agent service.

Last Thoughts on Wyoming Agents


Some ask how do you become a registered agent in Wyoming? So long as you live here you don't have to do anything if you manage fewer than 10 entities. Above that amount you must file with the Secretary of State to become a Commercial Registered Agent. At that point you are put on the registered agent list and are searchable online when forming a company.

Chances are you chose a WY corporation or limited liability company at least in part because of the privacy. You will only benefit from this privacy, though, if you choose a Wyoming Registered Agent Attorney. The discount services out of Cheyenne, WY cannot offer what we do. Our company ensures your name will NEVER appear on a public database. (An agent is sometimes referred to as a registered office, agent for service of process, statutory agent, or resident agent.) Our registered agent fee is included in our formation price for the first year if you form a Wyoming LLC or Corporation with us. Alternatively, you may register with the Wyoming Secretary of State and just use our awesome Wyoming registered agent service.

Why choose a cheaper registered agent in Wyoming to save a bit of money, when it can cause a whole lot of heartache? We offer the lowest fees and have been in the business for 30+ years. We also offer a lot more value than just being a registered agent. Asset protection, domestic trusts and estate planning are just a few of our additional services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wyoming Registered Agents

Yes, Wyoming requires a registered agent for every LLC and Corporation. The agent must be physically present in Wyoming and have a physical address maintained during business hours.

A registered agent in Wyoming can cost up to $400 per year, we believe being an agent is not overly burdensome and clients should avoid overpaying.

A registered agent in Wyoming can cost up to $400 per year, but we believe being an agent is not overly burdensome and clients should avoid overpaying.

A registered agent in Wyoming can be an LLC, Corporation or an individual. If an agent for more than 10 entities, then they must file a commercial registered agent form.