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We handle everything from LLCs and Corporations to Asset Protection Trusts. Our goal is simple: We want to minmize your taxes and liabilities while protecting your identity. This and more are achievable through business planning. It doesn't matter if you are an online only business or have significant assets and operations in other states.

Form An LLC Online From $199

Do you need an attorney to create your LLC? Well, if you're not going to do it yourself, then there's little reason not to choose us. Our prices are competitive with discount providers, but you receive a whole lot more.

Who should form a Wyoming LLC?

Most businesses can benefit from incorporating in Wyoming. Whether your goals are asset protection, tax minimization, privacy, all three or something else. These benefits are also available to companies with significant assets and operations in other states. We provide examples below... Allow us to be your partner in this journey.

What is a Limited Liability Company?

An LLC combines the flexibility of a partnership with the benefits of a corporation. It is considered a separate legal entity from its owner. This means owners will not be held liable for company debts. Company profits may either be taxed at the corporate level, or passed-through to the owner's individual tax returns.

What is the advantages versus a sole-proprietorship?

  1. 1) Limitation of liability.
  2. 2) Ability to classify payments as dividends rather than salary. Thus avoiding self-employment taxes and income taxes.
  3. 3) Increased professionality.


What Are The Benefits of A Wyoming LLC?

Wyoming LLCs have quietly become the nation’s most attractive. Small and medium sized companies have begun incorporating in Wyoming, over Nevada and Delaware, for the following reasons:

  • No state taxes on corporations or individuals.
  • Low fees to start up. We charge $199. Or handle it yourself for $102 and choose our registered agent service.
  • Annual fees total $52, plus your registered agent (hopefully us). No hidden fees (unlike NV).
  • Anonymous ownership. Only we know managers and members. Your identity is protected by attorney-client privilege.
  • Reduced reporting requirements and Close LLCs.
  • Single Member LLCs are allowed.
  • Strong asset protection and debtor friendly laws.
  • Easy to form online. No need to visit Wyoming or be a U.S. resident

These are just some of the benefits associated with Wyoming LLCs. Find a full description of Wyoming LLC Benefits here, a list of taxes and fees here and their unique privacy here. Our intent is to provide a one-stop-shop for corporate solutions, including additional asset protection strategies.

Our Packages

Essential LLC: You will receive your articles of organization, certificate of organization and good-standing, an operating agreement, resolution to open a bank account and more. We can also assist you with obtaining your EIN from the IRS for $100, or you may follow our step-by-step guide free of charge.

Holding Company: This package includes attorney time, two companies, custom drafted documents and EINs for both. We will assist you with structuring your business to separate assets and liabilities. We can also assist with reducing your tax bill in other states as well as helping you maintain your privacy.

Additional Corporate Services

Registered Agent: We will be your agent for only $25 per year. Your first year is free if we form your company. The service includes five pieces of free mail forwarding per year.

Mail Forwarding: We offer daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly mail forwarding services. Choose the package which best fits your needs.

Virtual Offices: Allow us to manage your office in Wyoming. We will handle the mail, provide a phone number and a commercial lease agreement.

Incorporating in Wyoming: Learn more about doing business in Wyoming here. From Limited Liability Companies to traditional Corporations and DBAs. We provide an explanation of the various entities our state allows - including the Close Corp. There are also numerous resource articles including guides for obtaining your Employer Identification Number and filing your Annual Report.

  • Why Choose Our Service?

    We sincerely believe we offer the best value in the industry. This is easy to claim, but will be difficult to argue with after viewing our package below. Chances are you are debating between low-cost providers or a full-service attorney. We meld the best of both. Our prices are comparable to the lowest cost providers and are cheaper than Legal Zoom. Lowering our prices has not meant lowering our standards, however.

    Our packages range from simple incorporations at $199 to fully customized corporate structuring. Whether you are just starting or already have millions, we are by your side. Choose us today and have a partner for the future.

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Mail Forwarding

We offer daily, weekly and monthly mail packages. Have everything scanned, forwarded or a mixture of both.

Virtual Offices

Allow us to handle your office. A commercial lease, unlimited mail handling and a phone number with any area code.

Asset Protection Strategies

From holding companies to domestic trusts and solo 401(k)s. We can assist with it all.

Registered Agent Services

Don't just choose us because we are the cheapest. We also provide the best service.

Incorporating in Wyoming

Which corporate structure is right for you? How do you obtain your EIN or file an Annual Report? Find it all here.

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Our Packages

The $199 Wyoming LLC

Receive your Articles of Organization, an Operating Agreement, Organizational Minutes, Resolution to Open a Bank Account and a Best Practices Checklist.

Holding Companies From $599

Separate assets and liabilities with multiple structures. Necessary for companies in risk prone industries or with significant assets. Includes attorney time and more. Consider it a one-time insurance payment.

Asset Protection

Form an asset protection trust for your most valuable assets. Or establish a Solo 401(k) LLC to provide for your retirement. Learn more strategies for safely keeping assets away from creditors here.