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We handle everything from LLCs and Corporations to Asset Protection Trusts. Our goal is simple: We want to minmize your taxes and liabilities while protecting your identity. This and more are achievable through business planning. It doesn't matter if you are an online only business or have significant assets and operations in other states.

Form An LLC Online From $199

Wyoming consistently ranks among the easiest states in which to do business. Our legislature and Secretary of State have worked to craft nation leading laws for companies and trusts. For example, our state provides charging order protection for single-member LLCs and self-settled spendthrift trusts. These are just a few benefits to expect when you move to Wyoming.

Where to begin?

New to doing business in Wyoming or want to learn more? Then begin here. We cover topics such as which entity is right for you, establishing a tax nexus, what's a close corporation, are single-member LLCs allowed, why you should avoid sole-props, obtaining your EIN, filing a DBA, your annual report and maintaining proper books.

Our Corporate Services

Our corporate services are designed to making starting and running your company simple. We can help you with:

Forming a Wyoming LLC: We will form your LLC, protect your identity, and provide important documents. The entire process takes less than 24hrs. Learn more about Wyoming LLC benefits here, and their unique privacy benefits here.

Forming a Wyoming Corporation: We can help you incorporate, draft custom agreements and minimize your taxes. We also offer nominee services. Learn about the benefits and how to take protect your identity.

Virtual Offices: Our services will simply your workflow and come with unlimited mail forwarding, a phone number and a commcercial lease agreement.

Registered Agent: Our agent service is only $25 per year. Why pay more?

Have special needs? Feel free to reach out. We can custom tailor a structure which fits your situation.

Asset Protection Strategies

We cover the gamut, from ensuring you have sufficient insurance to utilizing trusts. We find employing multiple forms of protection yield the best results. Planning entails changing's your creditor's calculus and discouraging frivolous suits. Continue reading to find methods which pertain to your specific situation.

Asset Protection Trusts: Separate benefiting and controlling assets from owning them. Protects from bad decisions and luck, while making creditor's lives immeasurably more difficult.

Personal Property Trusts: Also called a land trust - both simply refer to a revocable trust. This trust hides your identity when owning land, for example, and provides the appearance of being penniless.

Holding Companies: A seperate entity established for segregating risks and assets. No corporate taxes and strong asset protection statutes have made Wyoming more popular than Nevada and Delaware.

Retirement Funds: Establishing your own retirement slush fund is a deceptively simple way to defer taxes, deter creditors and secure your future.

Find our complete selection of asset protection strategies here.

Why Choose Our Service?

We sincerely believe we offer the best value in the industry. This is easy to claim, but will be difficult to argue with after viewing our package below. Chances are you are debating between low-cost providers or a full-service attorney. We meld the best of both. Our prices are comparable to the lowest cost providers and are cheaper than Legal Zoom. Lowering our prices has not meant lowering our standards, however.

Our packages range from simple incorporations at $199 to fully customized corporate structuring. Whether you are just starting or already have millions, we are by your side. Choose us today and have a partner for the future.

The Details

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Our Packages

The $199 Wyoming LLC

Receive your Articles of Organization, an Operating Agreement, Organizational Minutes, Resolution to Open a Bank Account and a Best Practices Checklist.

Holding Companies From $599

Separate assets and liabilities with multiple structures. Necessary for companies in risk prone industries or with significant assets. Includes attorney time and more. Consider it a one-time insurance payment.

Asset Protection

Form an asset protection trust for your most valuable assets. Or establish a Solo 401(k) LLC to provide for your retirement. Learn more strategies for safely keeping assets away from creditors here.