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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

Jun 08, 2022

LLC Registered Agent

How to Start an LLC


An LLC registered agent plays a vital role in handling legal notices, and government correspondence, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Designating a professional registered agent service offers compliance, time savings, privacy, and peace of mind. Choosing the best registered agent service involves confirming their physical presence in the state of business, availability, timely compliance management, and document handling capabilities.

A registered agent can be either an individual or an organization that is appointed by an LLC to handle a wide variety of responsibilities. An LLC registered agent is the point of contact for legal notices, receives service of process, and handles government correspondence and documents that demonstrate an LLC has complied with all state and federal regulations.

Most states require LLCs to designate an individual or organization to be the registered agent for the LLC. After you choose the LLC business structure, you then have to add a registered agent to the Articles of Organization that you file with your state’s Secretary of state.

Wyoming LLC Attorney can act as your Wyoming LLC registered agent.

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What Purpose Does an LLC Registered Agent Serve?

In addition to facilitating all printed and digital correspondence sent to your LLC, a registered agent also ensures your LLC follows regulatory compliance measures, such as filing annual reports and informing you about legal notices. LLC registered agents act as the link between an LLC and government agencies to ensure the LLC takes appropriate legal action and resolves potential business issues before deadlines.

If you have an LLC, you can expect a registered agent to handle the following documents:

  • Tax forms
  • Legal documents
  • Government paperwork
  • Service of process

Designating an LLC Registered Agent

You can name yourself as your LLC’s registered agent or you can select someone that you trust to assume the role. The person that you choose as a registered agent must meet the following legal guidelines.

  • At least 18 years old
  • Provides physical address in the state where the business operates
  • Available for contact during normal business hours

Working With a Registered Agent Service

Designating a professional registered agent service to handle all legal documents and communications with government agencies delivers several advantages that you do not get when you hire an individual or assume the role of registered agent yourself.

  • Full compliance with government regulations
  • More time to operate your business
  • Privacy on legal and financial matters
  • Peace of mind

Full compliance with government regulations includes a registered agent collecting and organizing copies of all your company documents. This protects you against losing your vital legal and financial documents because of theft, natural disaster, or any other type of unexpected loss.

How to Choose the Best LLC Registered Agent Service

While hiring a highly-rated, third-party LLC registered agent generates several advantages, how do you choose a company to represent the best interest of your LLC? The first order of business is to confirm that any company under consideration has a physical office in the state where you conduct business. Then, you should review other factors that determine the best LLC registered agent service.


A dependable registered agent service makes one of its employees available during normal business hours to address issues and answer your questions. You want to interact with a person, not a bot. The interaction can take place over the phone, via text messages, or on an online communication platform such as Skype or Zoom.

Timely Compliance Management

The primary reason to hire a registered agent service for your LLC is to file all legal paperwork before government-mandated deadlines. Failing to meet just one deadline can cost your LLC money and the time spent correcting the mistake.

Managing Documents

An LLC registered agent service should scan all your legal and financial documents, which allows you to upload the scanned files to your online business account. Storing scanned documents on a server operated by your LLC boosts your company’s privacy.

Expand Coverage

If you plan to conduct business outside the state where you formed your LLC, a registered agent service can make that happen by handling all the legal requirements imposed by each state.

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