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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

Dec 27, 2023

30 Most Profitable Businesses: Insights and Strategies for Maximizing Your Earnings

How to Start an LLC

The entrepreneurial spirit is as lively as ever in this age of innovation and technology. Among the most appealing prospects for budding entrepreneurs are low-cost business ideas with high profits. It's about capitalizing on expertise and passion without breaking the bank. The desire for independence, financial flexibility, and personal fulfillment fuels this entrepreneurial pursuit, but the question remains: what are the most profitable businesses to start?

Whether you're a creative, a techie, a culinary master, or a serial entrepreneur, there's a business idea waiting for you. The beauty of the current entrepreneurial landscape is the diversity of opportunities available, all with the potential to turn a tidy profit. From app development to event planning, from HR consulting to personal training, there's an enterprise that suits your skillset and your budget.

Methodology: Our comprehensive guide offers a plethora of low-cost business ideas, each with a unique blend of passion, skill, and potential profitability. The data we used were partly qualitative by asking accountants about their profitable startup clients, as well as quantitative by considering data from and Linkedin.

We've handpicked 30 promising business avenues, focusing on their earning potential and the skills required to succeed. The aim is to inspire and guide you in starting a business that not only drives high profits but also brings personal satisfaction and success. So, let's dive in and explore these exciting opportunities!

1. HR Consulting

Human Resource (HR) consulting is a flourishing field in the business world. You can run an agency and be a middleman in a highly lucrative business. As an HR consultant agency, your team will offer businesses guidance on their human resources policies, practices, and procedures. This can encompass everything from developing effective hiring processes, advising on employee benefits and compensation, facilitating training and development, to ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for HR Consulting

To manage such an agency you’d need basic IT skills, an additional short certification in HR, and great communication skills.

2. Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity is paramount and the sector is still growing worldwide. As a cybersecurity consulting agency, your role is to connect skilled cybersecurity professionals with businesses needing to fortify their digital defenses. Your consultants will conduct risk assessments, recommend and implement security solutions, and offer training to mitigate cyber threats.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for a Cybersecurity Consulting Agency

Great sales and networking skills. Knowledge of Cybersecurity Practices, Network Security, Management, Business Development

By employing a team of cybersecurity consultants, you provide comprehensive protection services to businesses, while adding a markup to the cost of these services for profit. This business model allows you to leverage the expertise of professionals in the field, making it a great choice if you have management skills and an understanding of cybersecurity, but aren't a cybersecurity specialist yourself.

It's a business type with high earning potential given the growing demand for cybersecurity in today's digitally-driven business landscape. However, it also requires constant vigilance and continuous learning to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and security practices. For those with an interest in the intersection of technology and security, a cybersecurity consulting agency can be a profitable and fulfilling venture.

3. Event Planning

Turn gatherings into unforgettable experiences. As an event planner, you'll coordinate logistics, manage budgets, and orchestrate the fine details of corporate events, weddings, and parties.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Event Planning

Organization, Time Management, Creativity

4. Social Media Management

In the age of tweets and stories, serve as a social media manager. Craft engaging content, manage social accounts, and grow digital audiences for businesses looking to extend their online presence.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Social Media Management

Social Media Platforms, Content Creation, Marketing Strategy

5. Personal Training

Help individuals achieve their fitness and health goals by providing personalized workout routines and dietary advice. As a personal trainer, your personalized fitness plans and motivation can transform lives.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Personal Training

Fitness Assessment, Exercise Planning, Motivational Skills

6. Freelance Writing

With words as your tool, as a freelance writer, you can provide a voice for businesses. Write blog posts, articles, scripts, and web content that can engage, inform, and persuade readers.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Freelance Writing

Writing, Research, SEO

7. Content Marketing

Harness the power of storytelling in marketing. As a content marketer, you'll strategize and create valuable content like blog posts, videos, and infographics, to attract and retain customers.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Content Marketing

Content Creation, SEO, Social Media

8. Professional Organizer

Restore order to chaos. As a professional organizer, you can help individuals and businesses declutter and organize their spaces for efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Professional Organizing

Organization, Space Planning, Time Management

9. Real Estate Consulting

Navigate through the complex world of properties and investments. As a real estate consultant, advise clients on property transactions, investments, and market conditions.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Real Estate Consulting

Property Evaluation, Market Analysis, Negotiation

10. E-commerce Store

In the world of buying and selling online, run your own e-commerce store. Sell goods directly to consumers, from handmade crafts to drop-shipped items.

Earning Potential

Varies greatly depending on the success of the store.

Suggested Skills for E-commerce

Website Management, Marketing, Customer Service

11. Tutoring

Enrich minds and guide learners to success. As a tutor, provide personalized instruction to students in a one-on-one setting, helping them to improve their understanding of subjects they find challenging.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Tutoring

Expertise in a specific subject, Teaching, Patience

12. Catering Services

Delight palates with culinary creations. As a caterer, you'll plan and provide food for events, such as weddings, corporate functions, and parties.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Catering Services

Cooking, Event Planning, Customer Service

13. Virtual Assistant Services

Offer remote administrative services as a virtual assistant. Manage tasks like answering emails, scheduling appointments, and handling social media, allowing businesses to focus on growth.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Virtual Assistant Services

Organization, Time Management, Communication

14. Affiliate Marketing

Promote products and earn a commission on every sale made through your referral. As an affiliate marketer, build an audience and drive traffic to product sellers, making money from conversions.

Earning Potential

$20K–$100K+, significantly variable

Suggested Skills for Affiliate Marketing

Marketing, Content Creation, SEO

15. Translation Services

Help bridge language barriers. As a translator, provide services to individuals and businesses to translate documents, websites, and other content from one language to another.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Translation Services

Fluency in at least two languages, Writing, Cultural Knowledge

16. Web Development

Constructs the online face of businesses. As a web developer, you'll build and maintain websites and web applications, ensuring smooth user experiences.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Web Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design

17. App Development

In the era of smartphones, build applications that simplify life. As an app developer, you'll create, test, and program apps for computers, mobile phones, and other devices.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for App Development

Java, Swift, C#, Objective-C, UI/UX Design

18. Photography Business

Capture moments, emotions, and stories. As a photographer, offer services for events, portraits, and product photography, or sell your high-quality images to stock photo websites.

Earning Potential

$30K–$75K+, varies greatly

Suggested Skills for Photography

Camera Skills, Photo Editing, Creativity

19. Life Coaching

Guide people to personal growth and happiness. As a life coach, work with clients to help them achieve their personal and professional goals and overcome obstacles.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Life Coaching

Active Listening, Empathy, Goal-setting

20. Dropshipping

Sell products without the need for inventory. In a dropshipping business, you market and sell a supplier's product, then the supplier fulfills the order directly to the customer.

Earning Potential

Varies greatly, from $25K to $150K+

Suggested Skills for Dropshipping

E-commerce, Customer Service, Marketing

21. Video Production

Visual storytelling has the power to move people. As a video producer, you'll create, shoot, and edit video content for businesses, events, or films.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Video Production

Filmmaking, Video Editing, Storyboarding

22. Blogging

Share your thoughts, ideas, or experiences with the world. As a blogger, you write and publish content on a website, earning money from ads, sponsored posts, or products.

Earning Potential

$0–$150K+, highly variable

Suggested Skills for Blogging

Writing, SEO, Social Media

23. Interior Design

Revitalize spaces with style and functionality. As an interior designer, you'll plan and design spaces in homes and businesses, creating an aesthetic that reflects your client's desires.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Interior Design

Design Theory, CAD, Customer Service

24. Podcasting

Use the power of voice to inform or entertain. As a podcaster, you'll create and host audio episodes on a topic you're passionate about, making money from sponsorships, crowdfunding, or product sales.

Earning Potential

Varies greatly, potentially lucrative with a large audience

Suggested Skills for Podcasting

Public Speaking, Audio Editing, and Content Creation

25. Digital Marketing Agency

Help businesses soar online. A digital marketing agency provides a range of services like SEO, content marketing, social media management, and email marketing to improve a business's online presence and reach.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Digital Marketing Agency

SEO, Content Creation, Social Media, Google Analytics

26. Online Course Creation

Share knowledge, skills, or hobbies. As an online course creator, design and sell online courses on platforms like Udemy or Coursera, or your own website.

Earning Potential

$0–$300K+, highly variable

Suggested Skills for Online Course Creation

Subject Matter Expertise, Instructional Design, Video Production

27. Mobile Food Truck

Bring your culinary creations to the streets. With a mobile food truck, you have the flexibility to take your kitchen anywhere, serving up delicious food at festivals, events, or popular locations.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Mobile Food Truck

Cooking, Business Management, Customer Service

28. Ghostwriting

Put your writing skills to work without seeking the limelight. As a ghostwriter, write books, articles, or content for clients who then publish under their own name.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Ghostwriting

Writing, Research, Adaptability

29. Voiceover Services

Lend your voice to bring scripts to life. As a voiceover artist, provide your vocal talents for audiobooks, animations, commercials, and more.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Voiceover Services

Voice Control, Acting, Audio Recording

30. Personal Chef

Use culinary skills to create personalized dining experiences. As a personal chef, you'll prepare meals in clients' homes based on their preferences and dietary requirements.

Earning Potential


Suggested Skills for Personal Chef

Cooking, Menu Planning, Customer Service

Considering Pros and Cons of Every Business

Starting a business only due to its earning potential is not always advised. As the saying goes, "Every coin has two sides." This adage rings especially true when considering different business types. While it's enticing to focus solely on the potential profitability and the allure of being your own boss, it's equally crucial to weigh the pros and cons of your chosen enterprise.

Why Are Pros and Cons Important?

Each business type comes with its unique set of advantages (pros) and challenges (cons). Understanding these aspects is fundamental to making an informed decision about starting a business. Pros typically include aspects like potential profitability, personal passion for the work, flexibility, and the possibility of growth. On the flip side, cons might encompass factors like initial costs, time investment, market competition, and regulatory challenges.

When you deeply understand the pros and cons, you'll be better equipped to devise a robust business strategy, mitigate risks, and maximize the potential for success.

Personal Services and Business Exit Strategy

Certain business models, particularly those centered on personal services such as personal training, life coaching, or personal chef services, may pose unique complexities when it comes to transitioning ownership. This is primarily because the success of these businesses is often closely intertwined with the individual delivering the service. Clients may establish a personal bond with the proprietor, which can make it challenging for a successor to sustain the same quality of service and rapport. Consequently, these businesses could prove more difficult to sell and may not command as high a price as the most profitable businesses where the owner's role is less personalized.

The Agency Model: Leveraging Talent for Business Success

If you are comfortable with the concept of delegation, then starting a business that leverages the agency business model will yield the highest success. This is a fantastic approach that offers scalability, flexibility, and potentially high returns. The agency model operates on the principle of hiring professionals, often on a per-contract basis or hourly rate, to deliver specialized services to your clients. Whether it's a digital marketing agency, a cybersecurity consulting agency, an HR consulting firm, or a design studio, the possibilities are endless.

One of the significant advantages of this model is that it allows you to leverage the skills and expertise of others. You don't have to be an expert in every field; instead, you can focus on building a team of professionals who are masters in their respective areas.

Moreover, with a solid team and a capable manager in place, the business can run with minimal involvement from the owner. This factor can prove advantageous when it comes time to sell the business. A company demonstrating steady growth, operational independence, and a strong management team is highly attractive to potential buyers.

It allows you to demonstrate that the business's success is not solely tied to the owner, making it a more appealing (and potentially more profitable) prospect for potential buyers. So, for those entrepreneurs with an eye on building a business that can be sold for a high price in the future, an agency model could be the best route to take. It allows for rapid scaling, robust profit margins, and an exit strategy that could result in a lucrative payoff.

Final Take

It is clear from the above that when starting your business, it's worth considering your long-term plans, including potential exit strategies. Recognize that some business models may have more substantial barriers to exit than others due to the personal nature of the services provided.

A comprehensive grasp of the advantages and disadvantages of various business types, including the potential difficulties when disposing of them, forms the bedrock of wise entrepreneurial choices. This insight becomes especially critical when considering the most profitable businesses. Achieving long-term success isn't just about pursuing your passion, it also requires understanding the nuances of the business landscape and acknowledging the profitability of different ventures.

When you are ready to establish your company, consider partnering with Wyoming LLC Attorney for a smooth and efficient business formation process. Have questions? Fill out our contact form or call us at +1 (307) 683-0983 to chat with one of our knowledgeable paralegals.