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A Wyoming LLC & Trust - Attorney's Blog


Our Mission

Our main site abstractly discusses various asset protection strategies, e.g. holding companies, asset protection trusts and Wyoming LLCs. Abstract discussion is a fine place to start, but doesn't tell you whether any one strategy is a good fit for your situation. That is why we created this blog.

This blog will demonstrate practical applications of Wyoming LLC and Trust law that clients may wish to utilize. The purpose being to examine whether any may be beneficial to you.

For example, we discuss "can an LLC be a holding company", how to use an llc for investments and the difference between a family llc and trust.

Popular Posts

Holding Companies

Holding companies are popular vehicles for managing various assets, income streams, protecting assets and privacy, along with simplifying tax returns. There are many benefits, but some additional complexity, which must be considered.

What is a holding company?Real Estate Holding CompaniesCan a holding company be an LLC?Holding Company Name IdeasHow to Start a Holding CompanyHolding InvestmentsBenefitsWhat is a family holding company?Can an LLC Own Another LLC?Holding Intellectual Property

Asset Protection Trusts

Wyoming has quietly positioned itself as the premier trust situs in the world. This was done to compete directly with offshore providers. Wyoming offers numerous advantages, such as: self-settled trusts, asset protection begins immediately, dynasty trusts are allowed and more.

Estate Planning

Estate planning consists of more than just dollars and cents. There is a human side to the planning which makes it unique to you. Let us help you discover how to leave a legacy with your estate.

Medicaid Trust

These services are prohibitively expensive and essentially function as a hidden estate tax. Many families are prevented from passing on their assets due to medicaid costs depleting their estate.

How to Start an LLC

Our firm started forming only Wyoming LLCs, but we have expanded to servicing all fifty states and online bank account opening. Part of this expansion entails creating pages specific to those states, e.g. how to form a California LLC or Delaware LLC benefits. We write these through the lense of providing advice on asset protection, anonymity and lowering taxes.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy our blog. For additional articles, please visit specific sections, for example ourtrust,estate planning orbusiness sections all provide additional content which we hope you find useful while protecting your assets, maintaining your privacy and minimizing your taxes.

If you have a special request, please consider completing our contact form. We can write additional articles, or craft a custom plan designed to fit you and your family's needs.

Note, the information herein is general and should not be taken as legal or accounting advice. Please seek professional advice before embarking upon any legal or tax strategies.