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Wyoming LLC Forms

Form a Wyoming LLC-WY LLC Benefits

WY LLC Forms & Documents

Other formation services provide forms à la carte, but we find this confuses clients as they're left to wonder whether a particular form is needed or not. With us, you receive all the Wyoming LLC forms without any additional fees.

It is important to note Wyoming law does not require any of the below documents to be signed by you. Once your Articles of Organization are filed and promptly approved, no additional actions are needed. We do, however, recommend you complete the Operating Agreement. This will not be submitted to the Secretary but can be uploaded to the online client portal for safekeeping. Our portal allows unlimited storage.

Our formation services start at $99 plus state fees and provide everything needed to be in good standing with the Secretary of State. It's also everything needed to open a bank account except the employer identification number. Learn more about each LLC form below, its purpose, and whether any action is recommended on your part.

Standard Forms

We provide the following forms: Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Resolution to Open a Bank Account, Organizational Meeting Resolutions and Minutes, Operating Manual, Things to Keep in Mind Guide, Resignation of Organizer, Certificate of Formation, and more.

  1. Articles of Organization: The Articles are the only document we submit to the Secretary of State. This is because Wyoming allows anonymous LLCs and does not request additional information. The Articles contain the company's name, business, mailing address, phone, email, registered agent, and the name of the Organizer. We complete these using our information, so your personal information is never made public. You may learn more here about Wyoming LLC's Articles of Organization.
  2. Operating Agreement: An Operating Agreement is a contract between the owners and the business. It dictates what rules will be followed for managing day-to-day affairs, and if there is a disagreement between owners. If no agreement is signed, then Wyoming's default LLC act will be in effect. This agreement can appear superfluous for Single Member LLCs but is still important. Learn more on our page about Wyoming LLC Operating Agreements.
  3. Resolution to Open a Bank Account: This is a straightforward document that states the LLC has resolved to open a bank account. Truth be told, most banks do not ask for this form. However, some do, and our competitors charge for it, so we decided to include it for free. Every Wyoming LLC we form includes a banking resolution form which you may sign and present to the bank.
  4. Operating Manual: We believe in empowering our clients through an informative website and a manual that covers the pertinent factors of running a company. Every LLC we form includes an Operations Manual which covers topics as diverse as when to hold an annual meeting, how to fund your LLC, tax and asset protection planning, operational questions, and other miscellaneous topics. We strongly encourage every company we form to study this document and its implications. There is also an accompanying “Things to Keep in Mind Guide” which acts as a condensed version of how to maximize your LLC's benefits.
  5. Resignation of Organizer: Wyoming allows anonymous LLCs. This means only our information will appear in the public record. Via the operating agreement and the Resignation of Organizer document, you can demonstrate your ownership of the company. Certain clients, mainly international, may also opt for a Certificate of Incumbency. This is similar to a Resignation of Organizer document, but has been notarized and can be apostilled.
  6. Certificate of Good Standing: Wyoming's Secretary of State is one of the few who does not charge extra for this document. It can be generated online, free of charge, at any time. It is immediately available for downloading and printing. Generally, for new companies, it is not required as your bank or other institution can safely assume the company is in good standing. However, for older companies, this certificate can provide important proof that your Wyoming LLC has filed all necessary documents and is authorized to continue transacting business. Learn more about Wyoming's Certificate of Good Standing here.

The above documents are provided free of charge for everyone who forms a Wyoming LLC with us. They will be automatically uploaded to your portal and emailed to you. They are also always available for download and printing after formation in the files section of our site. Every form is provided as a Word document and completed with your information, so it can be downloaded, edited, printed, and signed as you see fit. Again, we do not require these forms for our records, but it is generally a good idea to sign and upload them as part of your corporate record keeping.

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Secretary of State Forms


The following documents are submitted to the Secretary and the information on them becomes public record. For this reason, we recommend having us file forms when the name, address, or other changes are desired.

  1. Article Amendments: This is filed most commonly when the company's name is being changed, or an LLC is being converted to a Close LLC (or vice-versa). This form is not required to update the principal place of business or mailing address, even though those items are listed in the Articles. All article amendments are sent to the Secretary and publicly displayed on the website under your company's history.
  2. Trade Name (DBA): A trade name or DBA is used when your company wants to advertise under a name different from what was initially set up. For example, if you open an Amazon store called "Cloud Peak T-Shirts", but want to add another line of business and advertise it as "Cloud Peak Cookies". To use the second name you would require a DBA or a second LLC. Generally, we advise a second LLC to separate assets and liabilities, and for privacy reasons. You can learn more here about Wyoming's DBA and here about holding companies. This document is part of the public record.
  3. Address Update: We submit these for clients if they change to our registered agent service, or add/remove a virtual office or unique address. This form updates your principal place of business, mailing address, phone and email that's on record. By default, we only list our information to keep you anonymous. This document is publicly recorded.
  4. Change of Registered Agent: This is filed to change your registered agent in Wyoming. We handle the filing for you if you switch to our registered agent service. It is publicly recorded as well.
  5. Annual Reports & Reinstatements: Your Wyoming LLC's annual report can be filed online or mailed in for $60. Most clients have us file their annual report since the filer's name is made public. If you miss your annual report by 60 days, then your company will be administratively dissolved. So long as your agent has not resigned, it can be reinstated online. If you have no agent, then the change of agent form must be submitted by mail before the delinquency can be cured. Learn more here about annual reports, reinstatements, and dissolutions.
  6. Entity Conversions: Wyoming's Secretary of State allows you to convert between an LLC and a Corporation fairly easily. You mail new Articles in along with a conversion statement and the change is effective immediately. Converting between a Close LLC and a traditional LLC is done via an Article Amendment form.
  7. Apostilles: International clients often require apostilled documents to open a bank account or demonstrate the authenticity of provided documents. This is generally necessary since Wyoming's Secretary provides originals as PDFs and foreign banks are not familiar enough with our state’s documents to confidently know what is and is not a truthful document. Apostille requests are not made public. Discover more here about Wyoming's Apostille.
  8. Articles of Continuance: These are filed to move your company to Wyoming from another state. It ceases to exist in the former state and becomes a Wyoming company. Note, that the company's entire corporate history must be submitted with the application, and it goes into the public record. This means if your name is on the formation documents elsewhere, then it will remain so in Wyoming. Find out how to move your company to Wyoming here.

Miscellaneous LLC Documents

  1. Business License: Wyoming does not have a business license, unlike Nevada. You will only require one if you are in a protected industry such as construction, banking, or insurance. Otherwise, filing your Articles of Organization is everything your LLC requires to engage in any lawful business.
  2. EIN / SS4: Most companies can get their EIN online. Others, such as foreign filers, must apply via fax or mail. In such cases, you must complete your SS4 and send it in. They advise 3–5 days of processing, but in truth, it generally takes closer to 10 days.
  3. Resellers Certificate: You will generally only be required to collect sales tax on sales to Wyoming residents. Some other states may require you to collect tax if you have more than 200 transactions in their state or meet certain revenue thresholds. Given we are the smallest state population-wise, many clients simply do not sell to Wyoming residents to avoid the hassle of applying for a resellers certificate, and collecting and paying the sales tax. The Wyoming Department of Revenue handles our reseller's permits. Learn more about how to get a Resale Certificate here

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