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Move Your LLC or Corporation to Wyoming (Continuance)

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Move Your Company to Wyoming

Companies commonly move from Delaware, Nevada, Florida, South Dakota, etc. to Wyoming. The benefits are clear and primarily revolve around privacy, cost and protection, the three important factors when forming a company.

Clients often face the choice of forming a new company or formally continuing their old one. A new company can be formed in 24 hours. If you keep the same name, then you may keep your old EIN. Just be sure to inform the IRS of your move. A formal move requires more work and takes longer, however it is allowed to keep its original start day. If you hire use to do the work, then you don't have to do anything. We charge $149 handling, which includes the first year of registered agent service. In future years, Wyoming charges a minimal $50 a year to file an annual report and there is no state income tax or tax return to file.

Steps for moving a company to Wyoming: (Nevada is used as an example, but you may follow these steps for most states)
  • Acquire original documents: Begin by ordering a Nevada certificate of good standing and certified copy of the Articles of Incpororation (AOI). You may order both of these online, but it’s not always easy. You must first create and verify your online account with the Nevada Secretary of State, note: this isn’t instant. Then you must place your order, which also isn’t instantly verified, You must log in later to get it.

    If this sounds like a hassle, don’t worry we offer a better solution. You can’t order your AOI online. However, when ordering your copy, you may request a certificate of good standing. Here’s how to find your supporting documents:
  • Find a Wyoming Registered Agent : This is one of the most important parts of a Wyoming company. You are required to have one and their address is part of the public record. It’s where official correspondences are sent. If you are pursuing a Wyoming LLC for privacy then you DO NOT want to be your own registered agent as then your information will be public. Choose a professional Wyoming Registered Agent Service to avoid this.
  • Wyoming Filing Hints
    • Date of Formation: means the date formed your company.
    • Consent to appointment of registered agent: This consent form requires an original signature and will let us represent you.
    • Duration period: A majority are formed in perpetuity.
    • You must list your business purpose. A general purpose clause, something like: “Any general business activity” is acceptable.
    • Each corporation requires a President, Director, Treasurer and Secretary. Vice President doesn’t have to be filled. LLCs do not list any of these names.
  • Submit your filing to the WY Secretary of State:
    • Certificate of Good Standing and Certified Copy of the AOI
    • Articles of Domestication
    • Registered Agent Consent Form (We send to you)
    • One set of originals and one set of copies
    • A $100 check for the Wyoming Secretary of State
    • Mail to 2020 Carey Avenue Suite 700 Cheyenne , WY 82002. You may also reach them by phone 307-777-7311 and their email is
    • They will send back the copies with stamps. Fortunately, there’s no delay from when your filing is approved to when it shows up online.

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