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How to file Articles of Organization in Wyoming

Filing Articles of Organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State is how you form a Wyoming LLC. The Secretary of State provides two options for submitting your filing. It may be paper filed by mail or filed online. For convenience, most companies today are filed online. Only special filings are still mailed in. Note, Articles of Incorporation are filed for a Wyoming Corporation.

For example, private trust companies and Limited Liability Companies using protected words such as bank or education are mailed. If you file by mail there is a $100 fee and online there is a $102 fee. They add two dollars for convenience because you use your credit card. Note, if you file the Articles yourself, then your limited liability company will not be anonymous.

Wyoming Article Filing Requirements

This is a publicly available document. Your bank will likely look them up online for example. Given such, it makes sense to publish as little about the company as possible. At minimum, the WY Secretary requires the following information:

  1. The limited liability company's name. It must end with a designator such as "LLC" or "Limited LC".
  2. A business and mailing address. If you use our service, then we let you use ours. Plus, our virtual offices all come with a unique business address.
  3. A signed "Consent to Appointment" by your registered agent. If you file online, you check a box saying you have consent. If you file by paper, then this document must be signed by your agent.
  4. You must provide an email address for future correspondences. This will be public. We use ours if we form your Wyoming LLC.
  5. The name and signature of the Organizer. That is, the person filing the documents. Again, this is public.
  6. Payment. As noted above, it is $102 online and $100 if you file by paper.

Wyoming's Secretary has worked hard to make Wyoming companies competitive nationwide. Their online filings are accepted immediately. This is how we provide a 24hr guarantee for all new companies. Mailed documents take 3-5 days of processing. Note, Wyoming does not offer any expedited options. They do however allow nominees.

LLC Article FAQ

If signatures are required, does this mean the LLC is not anonymous?

This is a good question. The LLC can be anonymous if you select a professional formation service. They will place their name, email, address and phone everywhere that is public. We do not charge extra for this service. However, other incorporation providers do often charge extra. Be careful before placing your order. Once the Articles are accepted they cannot be redacted. We receive many clients whose filing was done incorrectly and they wish they went with us to begin.

Is a registered agent in Wyoming required?

Yes. You cannot use an agent from another state or act as your own agent if you live elsewhere. Every company must maintain an agent with an address physically located in Wyoming. The agent acts as the public face since you are anonymous. Failure to maintain an agent will result in your company being dissolved.

Can I review them before filing?

Your documents are not submitted for review. The only thing which changes filing to filing is the company name, and the address if you purchased a virtual office or unique address. Outside of the name there is nothing to review.

How much are Article amendments?

The state charges $50 to amend your filing. Most commonly this form is used to change your name or from a traditional LLC to a close or vice versa. The filing is accepted and posted online.

Final Thoughts
On Articles of Organization

There is no need to worry about your Wyoming LLC's Articles of Organization if you hire our formation service. We handle everything, including the filing and fee. We fill it using our information to keep yours anonymous, and we do it correctly the first time. That is our promise to each and every client.

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