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Wyoming Resale Certificate

Wyoming Registered Agent

WY Resellers Certificate

There are many terms used to describe a Wyoming Resellers Certificate. It also goes by other names, including Wholesale Certificate, Sales and Use Tax, Resale Certificate, or Tax Exemption, among others.

The majority of businesses that operate within Wyoming must have a resellers certificate. This includes businesses based online that ship products to residents of Wyoming. This certificate must be purchased annually and enables you to collect the state’s sales tax. As such, any new business must check whether it requires a resellers certificate as part of its business setup.

Infographic explaining which business types require a Wyoming Resale Certificate.

Within the state of Wyoming, this is the permit that makes it possible for your company to engage in various aspects of business, including offering services and products, renting property, and purchasing materials or goods, all tax-free.

Since you do not want to make a mistake during the application process for your WY resellers certificate, it helps to hire a professional to assist you. If we are your registered agent in Wyoming, then we would be happy to answer general questions you have regarding the process. However, the Department of Revenue is the best source of information, and they will not allow nominees or proxies to handle the filing for you. It must be done by someone associated with the company.

Who Requires a Resellers Certificate?

Each state has its own unique regulations and requirements, but all require sales tax certificates for business. In Wyoming, you need a resellers or sales tax certificate if you sell or will sell any physical merchandise. This is true no matter what type of business you have, whether it’s a corporation, a private company, or an LLC.

Essentially, the state requires that any entity or individual that is under the “vendor” classification has the appropriate permits and collects WY sales tax. To be considered a vendor, you must participate in the wholesale or retail sale of the following items that are taxed: services, admission fees, or personal tangible property. Services that are taxable include interstate transportation, telecommunications, and lodging in addition to services that improve, alter, or repair tangible property.

The state of Wyoming uses the term “sales tax nexus” to refer to businesses in the state that have a presence and are taxable.

Specific Cases That Require the Certificate

To further illustrate the importance of a WY resellers certificate, consider two example situations where it would be required.

You are physically within the state of Wyoming and sell an item or service to someone else who is a WY resident. You will need to charge sales tax in this situation. If you sell your product or service to residents from another state, you receive an exemption, so there is no need to charge tax. To make up for that exemption, Wyoming must receive a report of those sales to non-residents. Additionally, a resellers certificate makes it possible to purchase items you plan to resell and to do so without paying any sales tax.

Another example of when a resellers certificate is required would be if you plan to buy items from a company that offers wholesale products. In this case, you would not pay sales tax for your purchase, which means you must have the appropriate tax certificate.

On a related note, anyone who wants to open a company for wholesale products must have their own resale certificate. You will be unable to open an account for commercial purposes without this certificate.

Start Your Business

Applying for the Resellers Certificate

The application process for a resellers certificate or sales tax license can be done via the state’s Department of Revenue. You can do this in person, online, or via mail.

Applying for the resellers certificate will require the following documents and information:

  • Business location/address
  • Business’s basic information
  • EIN
  • Types of sales tax your business is responsible for paying
  • Basic information of the business owner
  • DBA (if one exists).

If you choose to register for your certificate online, you will first need to create your account via the website for the state’s Internet Filing System. This is the account that you will use to apply for your resellers certificate. It is also the account you will use in the future to submit tax filings.

Keep in mind that applying for the certificate offline tends to be slower than doing so online. However, it is still possible. You would need to visit Wyoming’s Department of Revenue website to download Form ETS Form. This form is also known as “Sales/Use Tax.” Once completed, you mail the filled-out form to the appropriate address for the WY Department of Revenue.

Turnaround Time

The typical turnaround time for a resellers certificate is just ten days. You will receive it via mail, and once you do, you must display it prominently. The turnaround time can be slightly longer if you choose to file via mail.

The process of applying for a WY Resellers Certificate does not need to be needlessly complicated. With the proper assistance, you can fill out the form correctly the first time and check this task off your business set-up to-do list. Discover more about business licenses and searching for Wyoming companies here.

If you have questions about our services or need assistance please fill out our contact form or dial +1 (307) 683-0983 to connect with one of our knowledgeable paralegals.

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions about Wyoming Resale Certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Wyoming has a resale certificate issued by the Department of Revenue. The need to collect sales tax in Wyoming is generally the requirement for obtaining one.

The resale license in Wyoming is provided by the Department of Revenue. Their application generally requires demonstrating the need to collect sales tax. They do not allow 3rd parties to apply on your behalf.

Wyoming's Department of Revenue only requires a seller's permit, or resale certificate, when sales are made to Wyoming residents, and thus sales tax needs to be collected.

Resale Certificates in Wyoming are issued by the Department of Revenue, as such this is the only department that can verify a certificate's authenticity.