Create Your EIN Immediately
For Wyoming Companies

Mark Pierce
Mark Pierce is the founding partner of Wyoming Trust and LLC Attorney. He is an estate planning and small business structuring expert with over 40 years of experience.

Employer Identification Numbers for Wyoming Companies

Congratulations! You have incorporated. Now you need an EIN (Employer ID Number, Federal Tax ID, Tax Payer Identification, etc.) for your business. These are necessary to open bank accounts and engage in other taxable activities, e.g. having employees. If you Google  “Wyoming EIN” you will find many services offering “Wyoming EINs” for your business. However, EINs come from the IRS, so they are issued at the federal level and are the same across states. Obtaining an EIN is quick, easy, and free.

After you have incorporated, use the steps below to get a free EIN for your Corporation or Limited Liability Company:

  1. Go to the IRS Website
  2. Click “Apply for an Employer ID Number.” beneath the Tools Menu.
  3. Click Apply Online
  4. If you already have a Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or another Employer ID, you’ll qualify. Click “Apply Online Now”.
  5. Begin Application.
  6. The next page contains more rules and restrictions. Click“Begin Application.”
  7. Click on the type of entity you’re applying for and press continue.
  8. The following page confirms the entity you chose. Press “Continue.”
  9. Now, depending upon which entity you’re applying for, you’ll be asked about how many owners there are, and your business’s physical address. Choose WY. Click “continue”
  10. Review your selections and click “Continue.”
  11. Next you’ll be asked to state why you’re applying for. Select the response that best fits your business.
  12. Insert the responsible party's details and whether you're a third party designee or affiliated with the company.
  13. Insert information about the company.
  14. Again, insert the information required then click “Continue.”
  15. Again, select the appropriate answer and click “Continue.”
  16. Now you will be questioned about the nature of your business and its services.
  17. Now you will be asked how you want to obtain your new EIN. Selecting the online choice will avoid the wait. Click, “continue.”
  18. Finally, overview the information you have entered, make any needed corrections, and receive your Wyoming company’s EIN instantly! Woo hoo!

Now you have a free EIN! Congrats! EINs are assigned geographically, and are necessary for many companies. You have just completed a crucial step to bettering your business. This number will prevent many issues with the IRS. You may now transact business as there is no Wyoming business license and your annual report will not be due for one year.

For Foreign Filers


Foreign filers must have an ITIN prior to applying online. If you are a foreign filer without an ITIN, you can still receive an EIN through filling out and mailing or faxing an SS-4. To run a legitimate business, foreigners will be required to pay income tax and file tax returns.

Did you find our article useful? Feel free to use this information regardless of whether we are your Wyoming registered agent. Note, your DBA may use your main company's EIN.