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Foreign LLCs Operating in Wyoming

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Registering a Limited Liability Company Out-Of-State in Wyoming

Registering a Limited Liability Company Out-of-State in Wyoming

It is important to note that a “foreign” Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Wyoming should not be confused with an “out-of-country” LLC. That is to say, any company not actually formed in Wyoming is a foreign corporation. Consider the following example to illustrate this point. As a resident of Colorado, your corporation is formed there, but you also want to do business in Cheyenne, WY. Accordingly, you are a foreign LLC registering to do business in Wyoming.

As a foreign LLC, you require a Certificate of Authority from the Wyoming Secretary of State. Although it may seem like a time-consuming process, it is actually quite straightforward, and we’ve supported you in this process by mapping out the simple steps to take below.

How to Register A Foreign LLC in Wyoming

Get a Certificate of Good Standing From Your Home State

Evidence must be provided, demonstrating that your LLC is in “good standing” in your home state. The Wyoming Secretary of State considers “good standing” to mean your LLC is up-to-date on all of your filings and taxes have been paid in full.
Note, there are synonymous labels that vary by state, including a Certificate of Good Standing, a Certificate of Existence,and a Certificate of Authorization. For all intents and purposes these documents are the same, differing in name only.

You must start by contacting your home state’s local Secretary of State’s office in order to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing. Costs associated with accessing this document vary by state. It is important to note that after 60 days of inaction the Certificate expires and cannot be used.

Complete a Wyoming LLC Certificate of Authority

To register your Foreign LLC with the Secretary of State’s office, you must complete a Wyoming LLC Application for a Certificate of Authority.

Part of this process involves appointing a registered agent of Wyoming to accept service of process within the state. For this, the registered agent must have a physical home and mailing address within Wyoming.

Note, you can hire a Wyoming Registered Agent to streamline and support this paperwork. Upon hiring a Wyoming registered agent, you will be mailed a Consent to Appointment form. This form must be filed in tandem with the Certificate of Authority.

File Your Documents

Many come here for our asset protection and because Single-Member LLCs are allowed. Regardless of your reason, it is easy to do business in Wyoming. All the documents – including the Certificate of Good Standing, Consent to Appointment by a Registered Agent and Certificate of Authority - must be submitted to the Wyoming Secretary of State. At the same time, you’re expected to pay a $100 filing fee. Transactions can be in the form of money order or check, which should be made out to the “Wyoming Secretary of State”. View our resource articles here on Wyoming's business license, filing for a Wyoming DBA and searching Wyoming companies.

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