Foreign Wyoming Corporations Operating in Wyoming


Foreign Profit Corporations - Wyoming

As a corporation domiciled in another state who wants to engage in business in the state of Wyoming, you are required to file documents with the Secretary of State. This may sound tedious, but it’s actually very easy to complete. We can even do it for you and act as your registered agent in Wyoming.

Here’s How To Acquire Your Certificate:

  1. Search for your business’ name and ensure you have the precise legal spelling as it’s written in your domiciled state. Look for your state’s Secretary of State website if you need.

  2. File for a Certificate of Good Standing (or its equivalent) from your state.

  3. Retain a Registered Agent. Our fee is a mere $59 the first year and $59 there after. Plus, and more importantly, we save you time and ensure your paperwork is accurate.

  4. Fill out the Certificate of Authority application. You can find this in your client portal if you use us.

  5. Once you receive the certificate from your secretary, place it with your application for authority, and combine it with our signed consent to appointment by registered agent form.

  6. Submit all the pieces outlined above and $100 to the Wyoming Secretary at the following address: State Capitol Building, Room 110 200 West 24th, Cheyenne, WY 82002.

  7. You will receive a filed copy in the mail.

After submission, the State of Wyoming will mail a completed Certificate of Authority to you.

Please note that a “foreign” Wyoming corporation is not a corporation from outside of the USA. That is, it’s not a company from a foreign country. It is merely a corporation founded in a state other than WY. In other words, any corporation not organized in Wyo is considered foreign .

To clarify, consider the following example. You live in Montana and that’s where you incorporated. You have a job somewhere in Wyoming and voila you are a foreign entity needing to do business in Wyoming. Your corporation was hired to carry out work in Cheyenne, WY. Accordingly, you are a foreign corporation registering to do business in Wyoming. Did you like our article? We have more information on whether you require a business license in Wyoming , when you should apply for a Wyoming DBA and how to perform a Wyoming business search.