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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

Oct 20, 2023

Fun and Interesting Facts About Wyoming

Grand Teton

Wyoming is full of beautiful and interesting things to be explored. It's filled with mountain biking, rock climbing and so much more. Learn more about Wyoming and plan a memorable trip to the Cowboy State.

  • The word Wyoming comes from the Delaware Indian language, which means "on the great plain." A plain is a relatively flat area of land.
  • Wyoming is the tenth-largest state by land, but the least populated state in the US. You can drive for hours in Wyoming without seeing a single person.
  • The United States' first national park, Yellowstone Park, is located within the borders of Wyoming. This park also lies in parts of Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone Park is located on top of a volcanic hot spot.
  • In the whole state of Wyoming, there are only two escalators, both located in the town of Casper. If you have escalaphobia, you will feel right at home in this state.
  • The University of Wyoming is the only public four-year institution in the entire state. This university has around 12,000 students and one of the lowest tuition costs.
  • There are 32 named islands within the state of Wyoming. Most of these islands are located within Yellowstone Lake, Green River, and Jackson Lake.
  • There are many buffaloes, also called bison, native to Wyoming. The largest herd has 500 animals and is the official Wyoming state animal.
  • Bison burgers are very popular in this state. They tend to have fewer calories and more protein than other types of red meat.
  • Wyoming has six state borders with multiple other states. These states are Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, and Utah.
  • It was established as the 44th state in the United States in 1890, under President Benjamin Harrison.
  • Nellie Tayloe Ross was the first female governor to be appointed. She led the state of Wyoming from 1925 to 1927.
  • In 1869, Wyoming went down in history as being the first state in the US to allow women to vote. Which fits perfectly with the state's nickname, "Equality State."
  • The Occidental Hotel and Saloon in Buffalo, Wyoming, is a popular tourist attraction due to its paranormal activity.
  • Almost half of the state is owned by the government. The federal government owns monuments, national land, and government buildings that take up a large percentage of the land.
  • Dinosaur digging was so popular in Wyoming that in 1932, a cabin made entirely of fossils was created. This fossil cabin still stands today.
  • The Spanish Empire once claimed southwestern Wyoming, up until the end of the Mexican-American War.
  • Wyoming has one of the world's largest coal mines, holding approximately 40% of the United States coal supply.
  • Wyoming's highest peak is Gannett Peak, at 13,810 feet (4.21 km).
  • The high altitude of Wyoming makes it an excellent source of wind power. This state has one of the largest sources of industrial wind production in the entire US.
  • This state is larger than the United Kingdom.
  • Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah are the only three states that are rectangular.
  • This entire state has only one telephone code due to its low population.
  • In 1803, the US purchased the majority of Wyoming from France through the Louisiana Purchase.
  • Even though Wyoming has the lowest population of residents, at about 580,000, it still receives two US senators in Washington but only one representative in the House of Representatives.
  • People in this state tend to have an open door policy, where they do not lock the doors when they leave the house for hours at a time.

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