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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

April 24, 2023

Business Basics: Keyboarding and Typing Resources


Typing basics are not the most exciting skills to learn, but they are among the most important. Computers are everywhere, from the desktop or laptop computers you use at school or at home to computers that are used to run banks, create websites, track patient care at hospitals, design video games, control where airplanes go, sell products, or send rockets into space. Just about every business relies on computers in one way or another, so business keyboarding is a valuable skill to master.

You might think that you can get by with sticking to touch-screen devices or using the two-finger hunt-and-peck method to type, but you'll be a lot better off if you learn to touch-type. Desktop and laptop computers are more powerful than most touch-screen devices, and once you get the hang of it, you'll also find that touch-typing is a whole lot faster than any other method of getting the thoughts in your head onto a screen. Once you get really good at basic keyboard typing, you'll be able to type just about as fast as you can think! And you're likely to use this skill for a long time, both while you're in school or at college and when you're out in the working world as an adult.

Learning to type and getting better and faster at typing can be boring, but it doesn't have to be. While you're likely to find that repeating the same exercises over and over will make you better at typing faster, you can also mix things up by trying out a fun typing game. People are constantly creating new ways to make learning typing basics fun, from games that ask you to type whole words quickly to ones that rely on typing one letter at a time to catch a fish, pop a balloon, or even save a planet! There are also lots of typing tests online, so you can check your skills to see how you're doing. Over time, the more you practice, the more your typing speed and accuracy should improve.

Getting Started With J, F, and Space offers a full keyboarding curriculum, starting with this lesson that can help you master the first two keys plus the space bar.

Get Started With Typing Club

Typing Club can walk you through the steps of learning how to type in a way that makes sense for your grade level and isn't boring.


Ratatype has free tests and typing lessons you can use to get better at keyboarding.

Alphabet Rain Typing Game

Type the letters as they fall before they hit the ground. See how high your score can get!

Speed Typing Test

See how fast you can type, then practice typing and try to improve your speed. Typing tests may also be part of a business's hiring process, and there are many free options that don't have fees.

Dance Mat Typing

This game gets you started typing real words and phrases right away, so you won't get bored while you learn.

Mastering the QWERTY Keyboard, Lesson 1

This website has lots of typing lessons to give you plenty of practice and help you improve your skills. Before you know it, you'll be ready for the business world!


Keybr tests your ability to accurately type different letters as you work your way through the text.

Typing Attack

Type the words to keep them from hitting and blowing up your base in this fun game.

Typing Test

Type full sentences to get a measurement of your typing speed and accuracy.

Beginner Typing Lessons

Start here with the first lesson, then work your way through the rest to learn how to type with Type Dojo.

Fish Typing

Type the letters on the fish at the right time to catch the fish in this game.

Touch Typing, Lesson 1

Start with the home-row keys, then master the rest of the keyboard one lesson at a time.

Big Brown Bear: Learn to Type

These typing exercises might seem sort of boring, but they're very effective if you want to become really good at typing.

Typing Bolt Test

Try this exercise to see how fast you can type in words per minute.

Typing Tips

Having good keyboarding skills starts with proper body positioning.