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You have already decided to set up your trust and/or LLC in Wyoming and now the question is where to keep custody of the underlying assets of said structure. This is an important issue that if done right, it could enhance your entire asset protection structure by simply choosing the right place for custody of the assets. One option is opening a bank account in a place where you can count on the stable economy and reliable political and judicial systems such as you find in Switzerland. The Alpine country offers benefits that make it very attractive as a destination for safekeeping and deposits, not only for Americans, but also for individuals around the world. These are just some of the reasons why U.S. investors trust Swiss independent managers with their asset management needs and the Swiss private banks for their custodial services:

  • Switzerland is a safe financial environment for private investors;
  • The political and economic system is stable and proven over many decades;
  • The country is renowned for its independence and neutrality;
  • Private banking and asset management have extremely long traditions in Switzerland;
  • Switzerland is geographically well-positioned both within Europe and internationally;
  • Switzerland is not a member of the European Union.

With its multi-generational traditions of banking and wealth management, one of the oldest and strongest currencies in the world, a stable political environment, and an uncompromising legal system, Swiss banking has and continues to be the top choice for custodial services.

Our partners at swisspartners Advisors Ltd. (SPA) are the go-to Swiss independent investment adviser registered with the SEC to serve U.S. investors and fulfill their investment needs. SPA focuses exclusively on discretionary asset management and offers banking solutions in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the United States through banks with knowledge and expertise when it comes to U.S. persons.

While maintaining a global investment orientation, SPA provides service-oriented asset management solutions through transparent risk structures following a capital preservation minded investment style. The experts at SPA consider jurisdictional diversification as important as investing across asset classes, countries, and currencies in order to reduce the overall risk to the clients’ aggregate wealth. By taking an in-depth and highly individualized review of the clients’ personal, professional, and financial situation, SPA’s advisers establish the investment objectives, constraints, and risk tolerance that defines the investment strategy to achieve the clients’ goals and interests.

With its well-established network from coast to coast throughout the United States, swisspartners Advisors (SPA) has and continues to embrace long-lasting relationships with industry leaders to bridge the gap between Switzerland and the United States. SPA is a trusted partner to attorneys, law firms and family offices across the 50 states as the go-to solution for U.S. clients looking for a peace of mind that portion of their money is in safe hands.

Why choose swisspartners Advisors (SPA)?

  • Our team is focused exclusively on our core business of servicing clients and managing their assets
  • We offer independent and personalized advice
  • We possess extensive asset management capabilities
  • Our custody and commission contracts with some of the leading brand names in banking are not only very competitive but highly attractive
  • We offer more products and services than a pure private bank
  • We offer our clients a diverse choice of custodian banks
  • Often we are selected by U.S. family offices and investment advisers as the service provider of choice to access non-U.S. markets.

bank We believe that a truly independent investment boutique focusing exclusively on asset management is better positioned to perform in an unbiased fashion and therefore better aligned with the clients’ goals. When opening an account with us, the assets are deposited with a custodian bank chosen by the client. We work with some of the most prestigious Swiss private banks. Thanks to swisspartners’ strong position we have negotiated very attractive custody conditions. Custodial fees and services may slightly vary from one custodian bank to another. We are more than happy to help our clients understand these differences.


Contact Michael Donev, Esq. for more information about Swiss banking and asset management solutions:

Michael Donev is an attorney licensed in New York and Washington state, and currently serves as a financial adviser at swisspartners Advisors in Zurich. Before making the shift to the world of finance, Michael practiced in the U.S., France, Belgium, and Switzerland at law firms and intergovernmental organizations, and was in-house counsel for international corporations. Michael has developed expertise in international banking, corporate law, and data privacy. He publishes regularly and enjoys writing on international legal topics.

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