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Jonathan Feniak

Jonathan Feniak

Jonathan is admitted to practice law in Colorado and Wyoming. He helps business owners at nearly every level and in nearly every industry with asset protection, estate planning, and business formation.

Before becoming an attorney, Jonathan had two very different careers. First, he was a District Operations Manager at international delivery firm DHL. Following his earning of an MBA, he transitioned into the financial services sector and worked at Wells Fargo Advisors, along with several boutique investment firms. Jonathan became well-versed in everything from deal structuring and asset management to life insurance and annuities.

Through his experience in these careers, Jonathan realized that business owners have deep unmet needs when it comes to the law. Such individuals often need a reliable source of legal advice, yet they cannot afford to have an attorney on retainer. This realization inspired Jonathan to obtain his JD. Venturing into the legal world, he worked first at a promising legal tech startup (Term Scout) and later at the law firm of Lewis, Bess, Williams & Weese.

Jonathan has been featured extensively on podcasts including Commercial Real Estate Pro Network, Making Bank with Josh Felber, the Passive Wealth Strategy Show, and the Real Estate Syndication Show.

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