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Business Search in New Jersey

How to Start an LLC

When considering forming an LLC in New Jersey, conducting a thorough business search is a critical first step. This ensures that your chosen business name is unique and meets state requirements, laying the foundation for the benefits your LLC will enjoy, such as asset protection and potentially favorable tax treatment. An accurate business search helps to avoid fees associated with name changes or trademark issues. It's also essential before drafting your operating agreement and filing for an anonymous LLC if privacy is a priority. Remember, staying compliant includes timely annual report submissions, which are part of New Jersey's rules for maintaining your LLC's good standing.

What is an LLC?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure in the United States whereby the owners are not personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities. Limited liability companies are hybrid entities that combine the characteristics of a corporation with those of a partnership or sole proprietorship.

How to search for an LLC or other business in New Jersey?

You can easily search for a business registered in New Jersey. You can search for various companies, including nonprofit corporations, limited partnerships (LPs), LLCs, and other miscellaneous businesses, through the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services website. The site allows you to search for a business through several methods, including via the business name, keyword search, and entity ID. You can also use the business name availability option to search whether your desired LLC business name if you are in the process of filing for one, is still up for grabs.

New Jersey has a separate page to request business records. Records that you can request include standing certificates, status reports, entity documents, and more. You can follow this link to request this information.

Start Your Business

Why would you perform a business search?

This business search is a way to contact a business or find out other information you need. You may also desire to search for a company to confirm your knowledge about the business. You can even look up your business to see what is available to the public. It's also a great way to determine whether your desired business name while filing for one is already taken and, therefore, unavailable. Some other reasons for performing a business search are listed below.

  1. Want to file a lawsuit against an LLC. You can contact the agent to notify the company.
  2. Learn more about an LLC, including any of the information listed below.
  3. Find out ownership of an LLC
  4. Searching for Name availability for Your LLC. Confirming whether your desired LLC name is already taken can help prevent rejection and additional filings for your LLC.
  5. Perform administrative tasks for your company.
  6. Confirm whether your LLC is formed officially with New Jersey state

What information is available through the search?

Information that is available through the New Jersey business search includes the following:

  1. Full legal name of the company
  2. Whether the company is active or inactive
  3. The registered agent and their address
  4. The type of business (LLC, DP, etc.)
  5. The jurisdiction that the entity was formed in
  6. Description of the nature of the business
  7. The initial filing date
  8. The principal and mailing addresses of the business
  9. Company officials' names and addresses
  10. Nature of the business
  11. Filing/ Merger history

How to Keep Your LLC Information Private?

New Jersey is not one of the states that allow anonymous LLC filing directly. That is, you cannot withhold member or manager information. There are ways to get around this. One such way is by filing for two LLCs and having them listed as each other’s owners. You file LLC one’s initial report and list LLC two as the member. Then you file LLC two’s initial report and can list LLC one as the member. Each year, annual renewals will be filed for both companies with the same information. When you list your registered agent and executor, it is also important not to list yourself in these roles, as you will then be required to provide your address and name.

How to get ahold of documents?

To obtain documents on file with business records services, follow this link, and type in either the business name, entity id, principal name, registered agent or associated name. Then you can view the list of documents available on the site. The documents will then be available for purchase once you have selected your business of interest. Note that it can take up to two business days for electronic filings to be reflected in the status reports online.