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Phone Forwarding & Answering

Wyoming Virtual Office

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Setting up a phone number for your business is an important first step. It helps provide a professional appearance to customers and makes managing your business affairs easier by separating them from your personal calls.

We offer several solutions for obtaining a Wyoming (or any area code) phone number. You may follow our guide below for obtaining a free number, choose our phone forwarding service, select a virtual officewhich includes free forwarding, or choose an inbound live answering service.

  1. Free: Google Voice Number
  2. $10 Monthly: We set up a forwarding number that you can port anytime you want. It includes one thousand minutes of talking. Fax numbers are available upon request for a fee.
  3. Live Answering: We have an affordable and reputable provider for inbound call answering.
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Google Voice

The cheapest and simplest option is often Google Voice. Setting up an account with Google provides you a 307 number that can be forwarded to your existing number if you like. They also have an app that will transcribe your voice mail. This is all free. All you need is:

  1. A Gmail Account
  2. About 5 minutes to Verify Your Phone Number

Just Google "Google Voice" and click the first result. After you're signed in, click "Get A Voice Number" and follow the prompts. It's really that easy. If you need something more than consider our phone packages below, or one of ourvirtual officeswhich comes withmail scanning.

Phone Forwarding

We can set up a phone number in any area code including toll free. The toll free numbers are usually 868 and other configurations. There are very few "1-800" toll-free numbers that come available anymore.

If you order from us then everything is handled within the portal. We will set your number up in an easy to display place. Then, if you ever need to change the number you want the forwarding set to, just update it in our portal and we do the rest. You may update your forwarding as often as you like.

Live Phone Answering

Want your phone number answered by a live agent in your company's name each time? We have partnered with a firm specializing in inbound calls. The agent can perform warm and cold transfers or take a message. You let the call center know what you want and they perform according to your instructions each and every time.

Need More Than a Phone?

Do you need more than just a phone service? Then consider establishing a virtual office in Wyoming . Each office includes unlimited phone forwarding, mail scanning , a unique address and a commercial lease agreement. Not sure you need a full office? Then browse our articles on home and online business ideas.