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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

Jan 01, 2019
  1. Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

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Working Virtually

As part of our LLC formation and virtual office service, we have this fun guide detailing online business ideas. After finding your next great inspiration you should consider our suite of virtual business services. For example, each office we lease includes unlimited mail scanning and a business number.

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Ideas for Working From Home

Internet Research Services

The ability to find accurate information on the web is becoming a highly coveted skill. Companies that deal in information and media need quality researchers to make sure they are using facts that are objectively true and well-sourced.

Virtual Assistant / Virtual Office

With more businesses working outside the traditional office model, a new type of assistant has emerged that is redefining that industry. If you are organized, detail-oriented, and self-motivated, starting an online career as a virtual assistant might be right for you.


Transcribing audio recordings into text can be time-consuming for media producers, which is why transcription is still a booming industry. Computer transcription is still highly flawed, so when the results need to be accurate a human hand is essential.

Selling On eBay

The days when eBay was used to sell the junk in your garage are long over. Operating a profitable online sales business through eBay is easier than ever. If you have a product to sell, you also have a way to start your business.

Amazon Associates Program

Online business ideas that work through already-popular sites are some of the easiest to get started. Amazon affiliates receive a percentage of any sale that is directed through a personalized affiliate link, much like a sales commission.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

All you need to do is write the ebook, and Amazon will help with the rest, including cover design, product listings, and promotion. You pay nothing for this service until you make a sale, at which point you get part of the profit while Amazon keeps the rest.


If you produce and share great content for free, you’ll build an audience, and an audience is always worth something online. A successful blog can profit from affiliate links, or by selling ad space and hosting pay-per-click ads.

Diverse Online Business Opportunities

Social Media Consulting

Social media is becoming increasingly essential for businesses around the world, and not all of them are up for the challenge. If you love social media and you can help businesses connect with their customer base, you’re likely to find plenty of clients online.

Online Training

If you have a skill that you think you could teach to a student either through email or Skype, this is a great opportunity. Teachable skills could be anything, though Skype does have its own platform built specifically for language teachers.

Translation Services

If you’re multilingual, it can be easy to make money online. Businesses that want to reach out to an increasingly global market are creating a huge demand for translators.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Having a good cover letter and resume makes a huge difference when looking for a job. High levels of unemployment have made this type of specialized writing essential in the current economy.

Newsletter Subscription Services

This business model is simple: Design a newsletter on a subject you are passionate about, promote it to businesses in a relevant industry, and get them to subscribe. Your clients can send your newsletter out to their mailing list, generating interest and connecting with potential leads.

Sell Crafts On Etsy

Sites like Etsy can help make your creative projects profitable. Getting started is very easy, and their network is a valuable asset for newcomers who may not have a dedicated following just yet.

Food and Menu Planning

Do you love food? For many people, planning delicious and healthy meals is a hassle. Offering a customized meal planning service can let you work entirely online while also indulging your passions.

Online Antiques Dealer

Antiquing used to mean a long car ride into the country, but the internet has taken care of that. With countless e-commerce and auction sites to choose from, antique lovers, bargain hunters and the thrift shop savvy can start making money online in a flash.

Need a Virtual Office?

We hope you enjoyed reading our page on home business ideas. If you elect to move ahead, then it may be beneficial to establish a virtual office. Setting one up is easy for us. It may be done at the time of your company's formation, or at any time after. We handle all the paperwork and will update your address with the Wyoming Secretary of State. Learn more about our virtual offices in Wyoming here.