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Anonymous LLCs in Texas

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While several states actively compete for new business formations, Anonymous LLCs are only permitted in a few states.

If you currently reside in Texas, your state does not currently offer this commodity. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your privacy! There’s a process you can follow so that you’re able to form an Anonymous Texas LLC without much hassle.

Our business attorneys, breakdown the process of creating an Anonymous LLC for your Texas business so your information is private and protected.

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What is an Anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC is like a regular LLC with added benefits, the biggest being privacy. It’s defined as a limited liability company whose owners are not publicly identifiable by the state.

People often wonder whether they can form an Anonymous LLC in a state they don’t live in. The answer is yes. Companies have flexibility when choosing where to establish their dwelling.

How an Anonymous LLC Works in Texas

Privacy is a precious commodity. The key to remaining a private business owner in Texas is to form an Anonymous Texas LLC in another state - such as New Mexico (where privacy is first-priority).

How does the owner of the LLC remain anonymous?

An Anonymous LLC means the state does not maintain any records of ownership or management, and therefore has nothing to disclose. In New Mexico, only the Articles of Organization are submitted to the state, and the Articles require only two names: The organizer and the Registered Agent (i.e., a lawyer).

Why Create an Anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC provides all the benefits of a regular LLC, with the additional benefit of not disclosing ownership information on the Internet.

Business owners choose to form an Anonymous LLC for a variety of reasons: complete privacy, baseless lawsuits, asset protection, and more. Many business owners in Texas choose to form an Anonymous LLC in New Mexico due to the low cost and the fact that the state does not require franchise fees or taxes, nor do you have to submit annual reports.

Professions and people of all kinds can benefit from remaining anonymous. Whether it’s celebrities who don’t want to be harassed by the media, or victims of abuse who prefer to keep all information hidden.

Benefits of Anonymous LLCs in Texas

Anonymous LLCs in New Mexico are known for having a higher level of privacy than other states that allow Anonymous LLCs. Other states may list your name and/or other company member in a publicly searchable database. New Mexico Anonymous LLCs are proven not to do this - which is why so many Texas business owners choose to form their Anonymous LLCs in that state.


Your personal link to the LLC is unknown to the public. Nothing links your name to the LLC, which helps ensure your confidentiality. No owner’s or member names are listed in any public database, so mass marketing emails, calls, and solicitations will not exist.

Harassment Prevention

Never underestimate the power of an angry customer or client. Forming an Anonymous LLC allows you to protect every aspect of your identity from harassment – not just from angry customers, but from marketers and competitors as well.

Cost Effective

New Mexico filing fees are lower than any other state that permits Anonymous LLCs. You pay a one-time fee of $50. Whereas in Delaware it’s $300 and in Wyoming it’s $100. There are also no annual fees or annual reports – saving you more money than other states that perform this task.

Protection from Lawsuits

Did you know two lawsuits are filed every minute, and those with wealth are more likely to be targets? Whether it's creditors, neighbors, or angry customers, your assets will be safe from a simple Google search when you file an Anonymous LLC.

How to Form an Anonymous LLC

If you’re a Texas business owner, start by forming an Anonymous LLC in another state. New Mexico's business laws are more lenient for business owners than those of other states.

To file an Anonymous LLC in New Mexico, you (the owner) must submit the business's Articles of Organization to the state. This includes information such as:

  • The name of the company.
  • The duration of the business.
  • The registered agent's information.
  • The business's level of management.
  • The business organizer's signature.

If you want to open your business as fast and smooth as possible, have documents like an Operating Agreement, a Banking Resolution, and a copy of your company's Articles of Organization signed and ready.

Once you have your anonymous LLC in New Mexico (or another state), you can start the process of forming a Texas LLC. As you fill out the application for your Texas LLC, use the information from your anonymous LLC. The New Mexico anonymous LLC, for example, will be the owner of the Texas LLC.

Get Help from a Business Attorney

In order to avoid the common drawbacks of forming an Anonymous LLC, let a qualified business lawyer act on your behalf. This will ensure your ultimate goal of maintaining privacy and will save you from unnecessary stress.

Internet legal form companies such as LegalZoom cannot provide the assurance that an actual lawyer can offer. A business lawyer will act as your Registered Agent with a physical address, so that you remain completely anonymous.

Working with a lawyer while forming an Anonymous LLC offers an array of benefits. The biggest being ensuring the privacy you desire and managing the unnecessary stress that comes along with owning a business.

If you think you could benefit from creating an Anonymous LLC in Texas, then contact a business attorney today for help.