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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

May 10, 2021

Anonymous LLCs in Colorado

Wyoming LLC Privacy-Form a Wyoming LLC

If you’re in Colorado looking to form an Anonymous LLC in a state with low tax costs, look to the lesser-known state of Wyoming.

Wyoming is one of the most tax-friendly states for Anonymous LLCs, with no corporate income tax and annual fees as low as $50. These LLCs are also sought after due to the strict privacy laws that surround them.

As a business owner, you possess the fundamental right to safeguard your privacy and manage your business matters away from public scrutiny. Every day, business owners, whether they run large corporations or small enterprises, confront the potential risk of legal actions being taken against them.

Whether you aim to protect your financial privacy from neighbors, family members, or assertive creditors, establishing an Anonymous LLC in Wyoming can provide you with the peace of mind needed to run your business without added stress.

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What Is an Anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC is a limited liability company the business owners or members are not required to publicly disclose their identity with the state where the LLC has been formed. An Anonymous LLC is created by being careful where and how an LLC is formed.

Obtaining an Anonymous LLC can only be achieved in four states: Wyoming, Delaware, New Mexico, and Nevada. In all other states, the names of the LLC members and managers will be made available to the public.

How an Anonymous LLC Works

One of the commonly asked questions regarding the creation of an Anonymous LLC is, "How can the LLC owner maintain anonymity?"

The solution is to have someone like a business lawyer or organization act as the organizer and Registered Agent. This is the only specific information disclosed in the Articles of Organization filed with the State.

It’s important to remember that in Wyoming, complete anonymity is not guaranteed. Tax obligations, IRS reporting, and maintaining bank accounts are still necessary, potentially allowing for some information to become public. Additionally, Anonymous LLCs are not immune to lawsuits.

Why Would Someone Create an Anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC provides all the benefits of a regular LLC, with the additional benefit of not disclosing ownership information on the Internet.

Occupations such as landlords, CEOs, celebrities, and investors can all reap advantages from creating an Anonymous LLC. Nevertheless, if safeguarding privacy is a priority for you and your associates, opting for an Anonymous LLC may be a suitable decision, regardless of your profession.

Benefits of Anonymous LLCs in Colorado

Numerous advantages come with registering as an Anonymous LLC rather than as a public entity.

Privacy Protection

The primary advantage of creating an Anonymous LLC is preserving privacy. This business structure revolves around shielding your personal information from public records to ensure your privacy remains intact.


Operating as an Anonymous LLC allows you to engage in business activities without being linked to any adverse consequences that may be generated from the business.


Regular LLCs and Anonymous offer flexibility, permitting partners to join companies at various stages. The associated costs may vary between different states.

Harassment Prevention

Establishing an Anonymous LLC serves as a safeguard against potentially harmful individuals, such as stalkers and criminals, gaining access to your information for malicious or harassing purposes.

Tax Advantages

If you choose to form an Anonymous LLC in Wyoming then it’s among the most tax-friendly for Anonymous LLCs. The state requires no corporate income tax for LLCs and the only annual fee required is an Annual Report which is typically $50-$100 but depends on assets within the state.


Establishing an Anonymous LLC in Wyoming offers you unparalleled benefits, from enhanced privacy and confidentiality to flexible operations and tax advantages. Safeguard your personal information and business affairs from public scrutiny while enjoying the tax-friendly environment Wyoming offers.

If you have any questions about structuring your Colorado LLC or forming an Anonymous LLC in Wyoming, feel free to reach us through our contact form or call +1 (307) 683-0983. Our team of experienced paralegals is available to assist you in navigating the process. Secure your business and privacy today with Wyoming LLC Attorney.