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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

May 15, 2023

Virtual Office in Virginia

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A Virginia virtual office allows you to take advantage of certain benefits that come with an office, all without having to pay the high prices associated with an office lease and staffing. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the primary benefits of a virtual office in Virginia and outline how we can help you set one up.

When it comes to choosing a place to house your business, location matters. Today, few locations are as desirable as Virginia. This region has quickly become a major tech and business center thanks to the growth of large cities in Virginia and the Washington D.C. area.

This growth also comes with ballooning rent and real estate prices. So unless you plan on paying a significant amount, chances are that an actual office in this area will remain out of reach. Thankfully, a virtual office in Virginia can solve this issue.

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What is a Virginia Virtual Office?

A Virginia virtual office is a service that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of a business address in Virginia without having to lease an office. This service can be used by both local Virginians and people who live out of state. If you live in state, a virtual office can still be helpful to maintain a professional appearance and avoid certain privacy concerns.

Virtual offices provide you with more than an address. Most services include benefits like mail forwarding, mail scanning and phone answering services. In addition, some even allow you to access the physical office location for holding important meetings with clients. All these services help you maintain a professional appearance and prevent concerns like spam calls and junk mail from impacting your business operations.

How Your Virginia Virtual Office Works

A Virginia virtual office starts like many other services, with a login. You’ll receive a personal account that you can then use to receive your address and set up phone numbers, voicemail boxes and answering services. You can also add any existing contacts to your new phone number so calls don’t get treated as spam.

The services you choose will determine the features you can use. Some companies only provide you with some mail forwarding and an address, while others will provide more. Our service comes with mail forwarding, a unique address, a phone number, and unlimited mail scanning.

Mail Forwarding Service Options

Our virtual office options all include unlimited mail scanning. Below, we outline how that process works and explain one of the additional services you can use:

Option 1: Same-Day Digital Scanning

All of our virtual office users can take advantage of same-day digital scanning. This helps you stay up to date with all the mail you receive without going through the hassle of sorting and storing junk mail. These scans are sent over each day so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a piece of mail that requires a timely response.

Option 2: Weekly Physical Mail Forwarding

Weekly physical mail forwarding is an add-on option that can be useful for companies that expect to regularly receive important mail that can’t be dealt with digitally. For example, if you expect to receive pieces of mail that you need to sign, but still don’t want to use your personal address as your business filing, then this option can alleviate your concerns.

Benefits of a Virginia Virtual Office

Setting up a virtual office in Virginia can be a choice you make out of necessity, but most companies have options when it comes to how they are formed. Whether you’re looking into virtual offices because you need a location in Virginia, or it’s just because you want more privacy and business opportunities, there are plenty of reasons to consider making one a part of your business plan. Some notable benefits of a virtual office in Virginia include:

Work from Home

Very few people enjoy a mandatory commute. With a virtual office, you can work from home every day. This reduces or eliminates the need to make a daily commute to an office, increasing your productivity and cutting unnecessary expenses.

Another benefit is that because you’ll have an address, you won’t have to worry about clients searching for your business address and finding your house or apartment. This can help you appeal to a wider variety of clients than if you just had an office or used your personal address as your business address.

Virtual Business Address

A virtual business address can go a long way toward making your services more appealing to other companies. Some businesses will only work with companies that appear to be established, which may require a business address. Additionally, some companies only want to work with vendors that are located in their state. A virtual address in Virginia can help you capture these clients without having to pay the hefty fees that come with an office lease or staff.

Business Phone Service

When you start a company, it’s common to find your phone ringing off the hook with opportunities both real and fake. Unfortunately, a lot of those calls fall into the fake category. An answering service can help you sift through those calls without being forced to interrupt your workflow to answer the phone every 15 minutes. Best of all, the answering service can filter out the spam calls and direct important opportunities your way, saving you time and enabling you to complete the client work you already have.


Some virtual offices come with access to actual working spaces. While you won’t always need to use them, this benefit allows you to book meeting rooms in advance so you can host important clients who want to see your offices in the area. It can also be booked for working in case you have family in town or otherwise find working from home to be distracting.

Is a Virginia Virtual Office Right for Your Business?

If you want to expand your business to include new prospects on the East Coast or D.C. corridor, or just want to avoid the privacy concerns that come with listing your address in a public forum, then a virtual office can help. Click the button below to learn more about our virtual office services.

Virtual Office Service

Please note that we currently only offer virtual offices for Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, but are planning to expand soon.

Frequently asked questions

In many states, you can use a virtual office as an address for your LLC, but that is not the case in Virginia. According to the Virginia Secretary of State site, a limited liability company (LLC) needs a complete physical address that is not a virtual office or mail drop. However, if the virtual office is a physical location that you regularly visit, it may be acceptable. Reach out to the secretary of state’s office or visit their website for more information.

No, a virtual office isn’t a full legal address in Virginia. A virtual office serves the role of a stand-in address for the actual address you used to register your business. It primarily serves as a way to receive mail, protect your privacy and show proof of a business location outside of your home.

In Virginia, one of the notable drawbacks of a virtual office is that it cannot be used to form an LLC. Additionally, virtual offices do not often provide you with a physical location, meaning you will have to work from home. While some people may not mind any part of this arrangement, others may consider working from home to be distracting and ineffective.

To open a business bank account, you need to use the real address where your company is registered. You cannot use the address of a registered agent or a virtual office to create a new business account at a bank.

Yes, you can have multiple companies share the same address. In some cases, the virtual office service provider may require you to pay an additional fee to host your business twice over. Make sure to consult with the company that provides your virtual office service to ensure you are following their rules and guidelines.

Though they sound very similar, a virtual address does differ from a virtual office. A virtual office has an actual physical location that you can visit and sometimes even work from. This address is often an actual office building that has its address used by multiple companies in order to appear as if that is their registered business location. A virtual address serves a similar function but is typically just a place where mail can be received and forwarded from. In short, a virtual office has a greater real-world presence while a virtual address is similar to a P.O. box.