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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

May 16, 2023
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California Virtual Office

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A California virtual office allows businesses to use an address in California without renting an office. It provides services like mail reception and forwarding, privacy, and cost savings. Benefits include professionalism, location advantages, efficiency, value, and additional amenities. Virtual offices are suitable for expanding business opportunities and improving privacy.

Every business needs an address, but sometimes the address you have isn’t the one you actually want to use. Fortunately, you don’t need to go through the costly process of renting an office or introduce privacy concerns by using your private residence. Instead, you can take advantage of a California virtual office.

A virtual office is a service that allows you to use an address other than one you rent or own. It also comes with access to office services such as mail reception and forwarding, all without having to deal with the costly overhead of office rental.

A California virtual office can enable you to establish operations in the state of California without having to actually pay the high cost of living in California. If your company would receive tax advantages from a California location, or if you work with companies that prefer a California address, then you need a California virtual office.

In the following sections, we’ll explain more about how virtual offices work in California and identify some of the benefits that a virtual office provides:

What is a California Virtual Office?

A California virtual office is a service that allows you to have a business address in California without having to rent an office or own property in California. Regardless of whether you live in California, you can use a virtual office service to base your business in the state.

Virtual office services in California also include options like mail forwarding and phone services. This keeps your personal address and phone number private so you won’t have to worry about junk mails and spam calls directed toward your business.

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How a California Virtual Office Works

When signing up for a virtual office service in California, you’ll typically receive login information for an online account and a physical address. Use the online account to set up a phone number, voicemail, contacts and a call forwarding service.

Keep in mind that the service you choose will dictate the features you can access. Some companies only offer a private mailbox number. These services provide only a physical address and some mail forwarding services. Our service includes standard mail forwarding, a unique address, a phone number and unlimited mail scanning.

Mail Forwarding Service Options

Our virtual office service has two different options for mail forwarding services: same-day digital scanning and weekly physical mail forwarding. Below, we’ve detailed how each option works.

Option 1: Same-Day Digital Scanning

Same-day digital scanning makes sense for companies who regularly receive important communications through the mail, or who expect frequent legal dealings. Those who choose this option will have all of their mail scanned, and the scans will be sent to them every day. This way, you won’t miss out on a piece of mail or leave something important sitting for an excessive amount of time. This option comes included with all of our packages.

Option 2: Weekly Physical Mail Forwarding

Physical mail forwarding is an add-on option that works well for companies that need the physical piece of mail to carry out their work. With this option, mail will be forwarded to your physical address each week in addition to being scanned and sent digitally.

Benefits of a California Virtual Office

Choosing to get a California office may arise mostly out of necessity or convenience, but the choice comes with some benefits you may not have considered. Here are a few notable advantages that a California virtual office offers your company:

  • Professionalism Despite the rise in remote work, some companies prefer to work with people who have an official office. A virtual office is not just a post office box. It provides you with a searchable office location that can help you appear more professional when trying to impress a prospect or client.
  • Location Some companies prefer to work with vendors who are in a particular location. This is especially true of clients in heavily populated states such as California. Having an address in a state like California can help you catch the eye of these prospective clients.
  • Efficiency With a virtual office, you can work efficiently from home without having to reveal your personal information. The efficiency added by not having to carry out a long commute can make a significant difference in your productivity.
  • Value A virtual office has less overhead than a real office location. There’s no requirement to pay a costly lease or have a large staff to fill the office space.
  • Added amenities Virtual offices are more than just a stand-in location for your company. The answering, mail scanning and forwarding services can make it easier to manage your business and avoid the clutter of junk mail.

Is a California Virtual Office Right for Your Business?

If you want a way to expand your business to include more opportunities on the West Coast, or need a way to improve your privacy, a virtual office in California can help. Click the button below to learn more about our virtual office services.

Virtual Office Service

Please note that we currently only offer virtual offices for Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico, but are in the process of adding more locations.