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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

May 11, 2023

Virtual Offices in New York State

How to Start an LLC


Virtual offices in New York offer corporate benefits such as mail scanning and phone services. Wyoming LLC provides virtual office services in multiple states.

Getting a New York Virtual office is a great way to expand your business presence and your customer base.

Start Your Business

Who Uses a Virtual Office in New York State?

Business owners from various industries can use New York virtual offices. These industries include social media consultants, graphic designers, caterers, and more. Why are so many people from such different lines of work signing up for a New York virtual office? Because it's fast, easy, and eliminates the headaches that come from operating out of a physical space.

Services Typical of Virtual Offices

Before You Commit to a Virtual Office in New York, Speak with an Expert. Whether you're looking to form an LLC or need a registered agent for your company, it is important to work with a reputable and knowledgeable business law firm with the experience needed to guide you as you set up your new and expanded business.

The services provided by a virtual office provider vary. At a minimum, for it to be a valid virtual office service, you should be provided with a unique business address and mail forwarding. Other virtual office service providers may be able to provide a wider range of services alongside those basic services. But be aware that those additional services may come with a higher price point.

If you find that, in your research into different states in which you may want to establish a virtual office, New York isn’t the right location for you, Wyoming LLC, offers a wide range of services for clients who need to establish a virtual office. These services include a unique address, lease, phone number, and unlimited mail scanning. You can purchase a virtual office in several states to receive all these great features or choose only the features you need.

Mail Scanning/Forwarding

Sifting through piles of junk mail to ensure you don't miss something important is a tedious and time-consuming process. Let us do the work for you by signing up for our mail scanning and forwarding service. We'll receive and manage your company's mail to ensure anything important is forwarded to you immediately. We can forward mail to you via first class for free, or you can opt for expedited mail with tracking for an additional fee.

Our mail scanning and forwarding service is offered in all of our package offerings. Our virtual offices include unlimited mail scanning so you can focus on your business instead of junk mail. You can also receive a free year of our registered agent service with free scanning for five pieces of mail each year, not counting junk or registered agent mail, when you use us to form your LLC.

Unique Business Address and Lease

When someone looks up your business, would you prefer they find a corporate suite address or one for a UPS store? Wyoming LLC can provide your company with a unique business address that's never been used before, lending your business an air of legitimacy and professionalism. You also receive a lease agreement to use as valid proof of address.

Business Phone Number and Live Answering

You can receive a unique business phone number when you sign up for a virtual office space or you can choose to order it as a standalone feature. You can use your new business number in one of two ways. Forward calls to a different number, or you can use a VOIP application to make and receive calls from the number. Fax number options may also be available.

In addition to providing your company with its number, we offer an optional live phone answering service. Our highly trained operators will handle your calls professionally and work off of a strict script to ensure they adhere to your brand and messaging. Our live answering service can receive calls, answer questions, take messages, transfer calls, and more. Feel free to contact us for more information and pricing.

How to Choose a Virtual Office in New York

When you’re looking into choosing a virtual office in New York, consider what services are necessary for your specific business needs. Ultimately, you want a place that is transparent about what you’re paying for so you know what you are investing in and can avoid unexpected costs and hidden fees. While talking to prospective virtual office providers, consider what hands-on services you need for your company. If you want a virtual office to help you with mail forwarding, make sure that company is responsive as opposed to one that takes several days to get back to you. After all, how they handle communication with you, the client is an important aspect that could potentially reflect on how they handle mail forwarding for your business. If you require more than mail forwarding, such as legal documents like a business lease, ask for a sample document to review with your legal team to ensure it satisfies your business requirements.

Why Should You Use Wyoming LLC for Your Virtual Office Needs?

If New York isn’t the right state for your business, Wyoming LLC can help you to set up a virtual office in a state that best serves your business. At Wyoming LLC, we always strive to provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive suite of corporate services. We aim to help your company thrive and believe in building a relationship with our clients. That starts with giving you the services you need at a fair price. Whether it's an LLC formation, a virtual office, buy/sell agreements, asset protection, or something else, we'll help at every step. Since we're a law firm, you can rest assured we will protect your information and privacy with attorney-client privilege.

Other businesses may claim to offer similar services for a lower price but will slowly implement fees that add up over time to get everything we offer. We'll never push you to sign up for more than you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Offices in New York

Yes. It's legal to use a virtual office for your business. Many businesses don't need a physical office space and can operate effectively by working from home. You can do that with our virtual office services while maintaining a legitimate and professional company.

In most situations, the answer is yes, but it can differ. It depends on who needs your address and their intentions.