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LLC Search: How to Search for a Texas LLC

How to Start an LLC

Limited liability companies are a business entity type that can be formed in the United States. LLCs help to protect the personal liability of business owners. This business structure ensures that owners keep their personal assets safe, as they are not personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities. forming an LLC has many benefits, with some of these being tax flexibility and privacy.

It is good to note that most of the information put out by an LLC is public. A business search can easily be performed within the state of Texas. This can allow you to find information about any LLC, including the legal name or where the business is located. It is a method of contacting a business or finding out other important information. For those looking to ensure greater privacy, forming an anonymous LLC might be a strategic choice.

It is also an important step when forming an LLC to check if your preferred company name is available. Other important first steps include understanding LLC fees, drafting an operating agreement, complying with requirements, understanding taxes, and preparing an annual report.

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How to Search for an LLC?

If you want to search for an LLC you can do so in a method that is almost identical to a corporation search. In the state of Texas, you should go to the taxable entity search. Here you can find all the LLCs registered in the state of Texas. There are a few items you should be searching for when looking up an LLC.

LLC search criteria includes:

  • Address of business
  • Address and information of the registered agent
  • The legal status of the company
  • Information about how the LLC was formed
  • Date when the LLC was registered

What you will need to lookup an LLC is the real name of the LLC rather than the fictitious business name. Also known as a “DBA” (doing business as), some LLCs choose to register under a different name. Another piece of information you will need to search is where the LLC was formed. This is essential because LLCs are registered on state websites, and can operate in multiple states. Finally, you will need to visit the Secretary of State website (for Texas) to perform a business search.

Reasons to Search for an LLC

Wondering why someone might search for an LLC’s information? Here are a few of the most common reasons.

  • Want to file a lawsuit against an LLC
  • Learn more about an LLC
  • Find out ownership of an LLC
  • Searching for Name availability for Your LLC
  • Looking up an existing business entity
  • Looking to see if your LLC has officially been formed
  • Perform important administrative tasks for your business

What Information is Available for Search on Texas LLCs?

When searching for an LLC there are a few specific pieces of information you will find. For example, you should immediately find the legal and official name of the LLC. This name is the one that is put on both government forms and business paperwork. The state of Texas requires that your LLC name includes “LLC” or “Limited Liability Company” in some form, in its official name.

Another piece of information you might find is the Certificate of Good Standing. This indicates that the LLC has filed all reports, and paid all fees required to operate. It is proof that the business exists in the state of Texas and is allowed to operate. It somewhat feeds into the status of the LLC, and whether it is inactive or active, but has nothing to do with falling behind on fees and paperwork.

The registered agent of an LLC is a required job. You can have a member or manager of the LLC play this role, or hire a . third party business. The registered agent must have an address in the state of formation and be available to collect mail and legal documents for the LLC during normal business hours.

How to Keep Your Texas LLC Information Private?

Forming an Anonymous LLC is a great option if you wish to have privacy. Despite this, it is not possible to form an anonymous LLC in texas. The best way to attempt to do this in Texas is to hire a . third party service as your registered agent. This can help to keep your personal information and address private.