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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

May 11, 2023

Find the Best Virtual Office in Delaware for Your Business

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Delaware virtual office spaces offer benefits like a business address, phone number, mail scanning, and forwarding. Choosing a provider with transparent services and good responsiveness is crucial. Virtual offices in Delaware are legal and can be used as a physical address in most cases.

No matter where you work from, you can make your business look professional and protect your privacy by establishing your own virtual office. When you sign up for Delaware virtual office space with us, you may receive:

  • A unique business address
  • A local phone number
  • A commercial lease agreement
  • Unlimited mail scanning

Who Uses Virtual Office Space in Delaware?

Work-from-home jobs are becoming increasingly popular, meaning that some businesses don't actually have their own office space anymore. The owners of remote-only businesses may benefit from establishing virtual offices in Delaware. For example, they'll have a physical address where their business can receive mail. Otherwise, they'll have to give out their home address whenever a business address is needed, compromising their privacy. Establishing a DE virtual office solves this problem by giving businesses an address to put on their website and other public documents.

Having a Delaware virtual office space can provide you with a wide variety of benefits while protecting your business's professional image. You'll no longer have to worry about sorting piles of junk mail or engaging in tedious lease negotiations for your office space. Virtual office providers eliminate these problems for you so you can focus your attention on running your business. When you sign up for a virtual office in DE, the provider may also be able to set up a free online bank account on your behalf.

How to Choose a Virtual Office in Delaware

With so many options available, choosing a virtual office in Delaware may seem like a difficult task. This is why it’s essential to consider the important aspects of what you’re looking for with this service. You want a service that can provide the things you need. If you need a service that provides an address and a mail forwarding service, that’s common enough, but if you require extra services, such as help with a business lease, a private meeting room, or a business phone number, you will need to talk to the service provider to see if that’s doable and at what price point.

While talking to different virtual office providers, it’s also important to choose the one that is transparent about what services are included in the base price and which ones come with an additional cost. Transparency is important and when you’re given this information, it should be used to hold the provider accountable, so you never have to worry about hidden fees popping up down the line.

Other important aspects to consider are responsiveness and how competent their legal team is if you need important documents, such as a business lease. While talking to different providers, you can determine responsiveness based on how quickly you hear back when they miss a phone call or after you send them an email. If you need mail forwarding, responsiveness is important, so you know you’re getting your mail in a timely manner. If they are not able to call you back in a timely manner, how can you be sure they will send your mail to you as soon as you get it? When it comes to the quality of their legal documents, you can ask for a sample before committing and have your attorney review it to ensure it meets your personal legal requirements.

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What You Can Usually Expect From DE Virtual Office Services

Virtual office spaces must provide, at minimum, a business address and the ability to forward mail to you. Some providers are able to offer additional options and benefits at an increased price point.

Mail Scanning and Forwarding

When you use virtual offices in Delaware, a provider may scan and forward your mail as needed, so you won't miss any important correspondence. Service providers can help manage your mail for you and ensure that anything requiring your direct attention is forwarded to you in a timely manner. You may also be able to have your mail forwarded via first-class mail or use expedited mail with tracking for an additional fee.

Professional Business Address and Lease

When someone searches your business, you want a legitimate address to show up, not a UPS store. Your Delaware virtual office space should have an address with a unique suite number that hasn't been used for any other companies, which can help you to maintain a professional image with your clients and customers. You may also receive a lease agreement that can be used as proof of address at banks.

Local Phone Number

In addition to a mailing address, you may also need your own business phone number for your virtual office in DE. Another option may be to set up call forwarding to get calls to this number sent to another number or use a VOIP application that would allow you to make and receive calls from the new number.

Additional Service Options You Should Consider When Choosing a Virtual Office in Delaware:

  • Live Phone Answering: Live answering services are a great way to handle incoming business calls. Trained operators can handle your calls and customers as an extension of your business’s client services team. They'll greet all of your callers in a professional manner using your company name and a script to ensure that they always stay on brand. They can take messages, transfer calls, and pass along any important information you need directly to your email address.
  • Fax Number: Secured fax is a trusted way to send and receive important and private information.
  • Physical Meeting Space: If you need an actual place to work or meet clients, a service provider may be able to rent you an office space, including a conference room to use when you need it.

If You Need a Virtual Office but Delaware Isn’t the Right State for You, We Can Help

If in your research you find that Delaware virtual office space isn’t right for you, Cloud Peak Law Group also offers a comprehensive collection of business services in a variety of business-friendly states. If you need to form an LLC or need a registered agent in Wyoming, we can do that for you! Our goal is to be a one-stop shop to help you start and run your business in the state that most benefits your business.

At Cloud Peak Law Group, our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive suite of corporate services we can and foster a true partnership. We're available for virtual offices, LLC formation, corporation creation, and registered agent services. We can even assist in other matters, such as asset protection and buy/sell agreements. Other companies will try to upsell you with services you don't need or increase your costs over time with unnecessary fees, two things we'll never do. We believe in providing exactly what you need and charging a clear and fair price for those services. We can also guarantee the security of your information through attorney-client privilege.

No matter what you need, we'll be there every step of the way to help ensure your satisfaction and success.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delaware Virtual Office Space

Yes! Virtual offices are a legal and increasingly common alternative to physical offices. They provide many of the same benefits as traditional office space at a lower cost.

In most situations, the answer is yes. But of course, while virtual office addresses exist within physical buildings, that doesn't mean you'll be there. As a result, whether or not you can use a virtual office as a physical address depends on who you're giving this information to and why they need it.