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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

April 24, 2023

Best Business Checking Account for LLC

How to Start an LLC

Creating a business entity is the first step to business success and the second step is undoubtedly funding the company with cash so it can get things done. Proper funding of a company is the business owner's responsibility, but we make it easy by providing you with a free, online business bank account that can be ordered in minutes.

Once you place your order for an LLC or corporation, a bank account questionnaire will be available to you in your client portal. Once this is completed, one of our banking specialists will determine which bank is the best match for your company and get the application process started for you. Our banking partners are familiar with our documents and understand your desire for privacy. Other banks may ask for documents we do not supply or want you to list your name in the secretary of state public records before they will open an account for your company. Once we get the application started, you will receive an email from one of the organizations below with additional information.


Relay is an all-in-one business banking and money management platform to help small businesses understand what they’re earning, spending and saving—so they can make the best financial choices for their business. With Relay, business owners can:

  • Bank with no account fees, no overdraft fees, and no minimum balance required
  • Organize expenses and cash reserves using up to 20 individual accounts
  • Earn barrier free savings between 1-3% APY
  • Issue up to 50 virtual or physical Visa® debit cards to meticulously organize spending by team or project
  • Send payments and deposits via ACH, wires or checks
  • Cashflow automations, like maximum balance transfer rules and recurring payments
  • Give team members and financial advisors secure, role-based banking access
  • Integrate banking with accounting softwares like QuickBooks Online and Xero
  • Get personalized customer support by email and phone

Essential Account Features that Keep you Secure:

  1. FDIC Insurance: Relay customers are insured up to $2.5M by the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (FDIC) through an insured cash sweep program managed by our partner bank, Thread Bank. This is significantly higher than the $250k deposit insurance offered by most FDIC member financial institutions.
  2. Debit Card Protection: All Relay Visa debit cards are protected by Visa Zero Liability Policy
  3. Account Security: Relay accounts use role-based user permissions to provide customized access to team members and advisors and uses 2FA for any authorized users

Above and Beyond the Banking Basics:

  1. Digital-first business banking and support. Business owners do not have to go into a branch to complete banking tasks or receive support. They can open accounts, issue debit cards and send payments online from their computer or on the go with Relay’s mobile app. Plus, Relay’s friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is accessible from wherever a business owner is by email, chat and phone.
  2. No account fees or minimum balances. Relay business banking accounts do not have any monthly fees, overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements. They can open up to 20 checking accounts, 2 Savings accounts with 1-3% APY, up to 50 Visa® physical and virtual debit cards, make basic payments and more all at no cost.
  3. Business banking built for teams. A business owner can issue Visa® debit cards, with spending limits, to their employees and receive ultra-detailed transaction data for all team member spending. Team members can also get role-based access to Relay so they can safely help with banking tasks like sending bill payments.
  4. Features Made for Modern Businesses. Full suite integrations, ultra-detailed transaction data, ability to have multiple businesses all under one single log in, instant access to Visa® virtual debit cards. Relay is built for the small business owner, with software features designed to make life easier.
  • No account fees or minimum balances
  • No paperwork
    Applying online takes less than 20 minutes
  • No branch visits
    You can open your account from home
  • Up to 20 checking accounts
    Easily separate and organize cash to keep it flowing.
  • 50 Visa® debit cards
    Issue physical and virtual cards—with spending limits—to your team.
  • Integrations for accounting, payroll, and other money management apps
    Relay can offers detailed data that directly and reliably syncs into QuickBooks Online, Xero, Gusto, Plaid, and more.
  • FDIC insured up to $250k
  • Visa® Zero Liability Protection


Mercury offers its clients a range of financial solutions for small businesses. These include checking and savings accounts, as well as debit cards. The bank focuses on user experience, with a simple and intuitive interface designed to make banking easy for small businesses. It also emphasizes security and fraud prevention, with advanced security features and 24/7 fraud monitoring. Mercury Bank offers integrations with popular business tools like QuickBooks and Slack, making it easy for small businesses to manage their finances. Additionally, the bank provides customer support through phone, email, and chat, and offers customer testimonials and case studies on its website.