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By The Wyoming LLC Attorney Team

May 10, 2023
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Using a Virtual Office in Arizona: Do You Need a Virtual Office in Arizona?

How to Start an LLC


Setting up a virtual office in Arizona provides privacy and a professional image. It offers a unique address, mail forwarding, and additional features like meeting spaces and phone numbers. Choosing a reliable provider is important to avoid hidden fees.

Establishing a virtual office in Arizona can help you protect your privacy and bolster the public image of your business. It's especially useful for business owners who don't have a brick-and-mortar location or who live out of state but want to start a business in Arizona.

Explore The Benefits of Setting Up a Virtual Office

Why Do You Need a Virtual Office in Arizona?

According to state law, you must have a physical address in Arizona to register a business in the state. You also need to put that address down on the paperwork when you start the business, making it part of the public record of your business. If you live out of state, that's going to be a problem, and setting up a post office box won't solve it, since you need to have a physical address.

Having a virtual office in Arizona will give you a unique address that you can use on all of your business paperwork. It will also be an address that represents you well online: When people search for your address, they'll see that you have your own suite in an office building.

Start an LLC in Arizona

What's Included in an Arizona Virtual Office?

What’s included in a virtual office service in Arizona varies depending on the provider. At a minimum, a virtual office should provide a business address and mail forwarding.

A Unique Arizona Virtual Office Address

The Arizona Secretary of State has a publicly searchable database that includes your business's address and phone number. You never know who might look through that database or what they might have in mind while doing so, but if you use your home address to start your business, it will be in that database for the whole world to see. When you choose to use a virtual office in Arizona instead, you'll get a physical address with a unique suite number, and you can use that on your business paperwork instead to safeguard your privacy.

Mail Forwarding and Scanning

When you get mail at your virtual office's address, it can be scanned and sent to you. Mail can also be forwarded directly to your personal address, making it easy to operate your business without needing to relocate or staff an office space in Arizona.

Additional Virtual Office Features

Additional features and benefits may be included, but business owners should be prepared to pay a little extra for these services. Some virtual offices may include a co-working space and/or private meeting spaces. A business lease may also be provided.

If you need proof of your business address in order to set up an account at a local bank, holding a virtual office space that provides you with a lease may satisfy that requirement. A local business phone number can also be a valuable feature to consider. When you’re looking for the right virtual office services in Arizona. Some virtual office services come with a local Arizona phone number that you can use for your business. You can have calls forwarded from this number to another one, or you can set it up with a VOIP application and use it as your primary business number.

How to Choose a Virtual Office in Arizona

When choosing a virtual office in Arizona, there are several aspects that should be considered. Transparency and understanding exactly what it is you are paying for is critical. Being clear with a prospective service provider regarding the services you need and what you are willing to invest in, and then holding your chosen service provider to their promises can help your business to avoid hidden fees and unexpected costs.

One important consideration is what you need in terms of hands-on assistance. For example, if you need mail forwarding, consider how responsive a company is when you contact them. How they handle communication with you as their customer may also reflect how they’ll handle your mail forwarding service.

For those who require legal documents, including a business lease, it may be important for you to see a sample document before committing to that service provider. Having your attorney review that sample and confirm that it will satisfy the legal requirements that need to be met.

Why Virtual Offices May Be Right for Your Business

At Cloud Peak Law Group, we have lots of experience with the legal intricacies of establishing a business, and we'd be glad to put that expertise to work for you. And since we're a law firm, your privacy will always be protected by attorney-client privilege. Virtual offices can offer you a host of benefits at an affordable price and are available in many different states, including Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. When considering which state you want to establish your business, it’s important to understand that each state offers unique benefits to business owners. Our professionals can help you assess these different benefits and make the best decisions to help your business thrive.

Our business attorneys can make sure that your corporation or LLC is set up properly. We can also help with other legal matters, such as establishing an asset protection trust or setting up an LLC for your self-directed IRA. Contact us today to learn more about our services and determine if virtual offices are right for your needs.