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Why do you need a Wyoming Registered Agent?
Every corporation is required to maintain a registered office in Wyoming. The agent’s purposes is to serve as a point of contact in case the State, or anybody else, needs to reach you. Most commonly this only means receiving annual report notifications. Other cases might involve you being notified of a lawsuit. We happily provide this service for our clients and those who want to switch from other providers.

Complete the form and we handle the rest

How long does it take?

If you choose one of our incorporation packages then everything is handled by us. We also provide your first year free. If you are switching agents, then the process takes less than a week. Simply complete the form below and we handle the rest. You will receive a welcome email along with login credentials for our client portal. There you can access any documents we receive for you.

Why use our service?

We believe our service provides the best value. We are priced similarly to discount providers, but provide the professionalism of a law firm. Becoming a registered agent is not difficult and we do not believe in overcharging. This is why our price is “low” when compared to national outfits and other law firms.

We also provide follow up services in case you do ever get in trouble. Whether you are planning ahead and desire asset protection, or find yourself embroiled in a lawsuit and need legal representation. You will have already established a relationship with us and we will be by your side. Can other discount providers say the same? We think not.

What will you receive for your money?

We handle all necessary documents and filings. There is no fee with the state and we provide no surprises.
Five pieces of complimentary mail forwarding or scanning.
Attorney-Client privilege
A client login area to access your mail.
Attorney-Client privilege
A partner should your needs change over time.
In short, we provide peace of mind.

What exactly is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent, or agent for service of process, is the company nominated to handle official correspondences. Our information goes on the public record, not yours… which leads us to our next question.

How do I become a Registered Agent?

It’s simple. You fill out a commercial registered agent form with the Wyoming Secretary of State as soon as you represent ten or more entities. Those living in Wyoming are often tempted to become their own registered agent. We advise against this. First, your information is placed on the public record. This defeats the privacy afforded by Wyoming LLCs. Second, you may miss important notices. Do you check your mail daily? Do you throw out junk mail without looking (that may actually be an important notice)? Do you want to be served in front of friends, family or employees if you are ever sued? Probably not. Thus, our $25 fee is worth it even for Wyoming residents.

Shouldn’t I just choose the cheapest registered agent service?

Well, at $25 we almost are the cheapest. Also, we believe it is difficult to be the cheapest and the best. Once you fill out the form below you can go on managing your business. There’s no need to worry about back-and-forth calls or email, or the risk something isn’t filed correctly and you fall out of good standing with the Secretary.

The second reason is less likely, but could be more damaging. Imagine a business you own is sued. Your agent is notified, but fails to notify you. For legal purposes, you have been notified. This will cost you valuable time and potentially a whole lot more. How much is peace of mind worth to you?

How should I proceed?

You may contact us for additional information. We are always happy to answer questions. If you have made up your mind, then complete the form and payment below. We handle the rest.

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