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Trust law rewards creativity. We like to say there are as many types of trusts as there are people and their situations. Regardless of your situation, there is likely a trust which can help you achieve your desired outcome. As stated on the main blog page, most practitioners stick to abstract discussion. This abstraction prevents readers from understanding whether a trust would have any practical value, e.g. can a trust own an LLC or what's the difference between a family trust and LLC.

While you should always speak to an attorney regarding whether a trust is or is not a fit, we believe in empowering our clients. For this reason, we have provided articles which address common trust law questions, e.g. does a trust need an EIN, how do you modify an irrevocable trust, what happens if a grantor dies.

These lay the groundwork for future discussions, but in no way obviate the need for an experienced trust attorney. Find additional practical applications of trust law below.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a trust provides important protections for you during your lifetime, and your family after you are gone. We can assist with drafting irrevocable, dynasty, spendthrift and other trusts.

Your goal may be asset protection, privacy, tax minimization, charity, all or none of the above. In either case, a trust is likely the most efficient way to achieve your goals.

Contact us today if you are interested in working together. It's our trust attorney's pleasure to help.

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