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Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secret

Business Combinations and Break Ups

Company Changes

Complex Business Situations Advice

Asset Protection and Estate Planning

Asset Protection Trusts


Tax Preparation

US Tax Consultation

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US Persons, Expats, and Similar

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Offshore Structuring, and Tax-Related Topics

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Foreign-Owned Disregarded Entities and 5472 Filings

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Capital Raising

Digital Assets

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Wyoming Litigation Consultation

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Our Attorneys

Mark Pierce

Mark Pierce

Mark Pierce is admitted to practice law in Colorado and Wyoming. He is a skilled businessman, accountant and attorney with extensive experience in diverse areas of the law, including bankruptcy, corporations, estate planning, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, mergers and acquisitions, oil and gas, securities, tax, transportation and real estate. Essentially, he has had a life-time planning and preserving estates; primarily through complex tax and state law planning strategies, but also through experience with debtor/creditor relationships and bankruptcy.

Jonathan Feniak

Jonathan Feniak

Jonathan is admitted to practice law in Colorado and Wyoming. In this position, he helps business owners at nearly every level and in nearly every industry with asset protection, estate planning, and business formation. Beyond business owners, Jonathan also helps activists of all political persuasions to legally protect themselves.

Brandi Joffrion

Brandi Joffrion

Brandi Joffrion is a skilled attorney with extensive experience in diverse areas including litigation, estate planning, and creating limited liability companies and corporations. She is also a professor and former offshore anti-money laundering compliance officer. Brandi can provide you with particular advice on your specific situation in the areas listed above. Brandi is licensed to practice law in Colorado.

Yev Muchnik

Yev Muchnik

Yev Muchnik is an experienced transactional and securities attorney with a focus on early and growth stage, mission-forward technology companies innovating across different sectors. Yev is motivated by unconventional companies led by entrepreneurs that challenge the status quo and considers herself to be somewhat of a legal practitioner mongrel, in that she is an entrepreneur at heart and has recently tested the waters with early state investing.

Yev is driven by innovation across all sectors and is an early adopter, particularly drawn to new shiny tech gadgets (down the rabbit hole of VR currently). Her two boys, Ronan and Toby, keep her on her toes when she’s not working! They love exploring Colorado and are also avid travelers.

Natalie Elisha Goldberg

Natalie Elisha Goldberg

As a mother, wife, and attorney, she has made it her life mission to help people like you protect their hard earned life savings, property, and their future.

Natalie is an award-winning attorney, best selling author, a nationwide speaker about women and money, and a fearless cheerleader for her clients' success.

Natalie founded Goldberg LLP to bring the power of estate planning law to you! Natalie focuses her legal practice on high net worth and ultra high net worth families.

Natalie's team works closely with all families and even established a company Life, Legacy Legal that provides top notch planning for the masses!

Cooper Overstreet

Cooper Overstreet

Cooper Overstreet was born on the island of Cyprus and lived abroad until the age of 8. After spending his formative years in Colorado, he received his B.A. in International Business from Whitworth University. While attending the University of Wyoming College of Law, Cooper gained extensive experience in estate planning and gift planning through internships with local estate planning firms and a nationally recognized gift planning organization.

Cooper’s practice focuses on business organization and representation, real estate transactions and litigation, estate planning, probate matters, and workers’ compensation matters. Whether it’s starting a new business or representing clients in court, Cooper supports clients each step of the way.

When not representing clients, Cooper enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, and four young children, playing sports, enjoying the outdoors, and staying current on local and international events.

Jeffrey Boldt

Jeffrey Boldt

Jeffrey Boldt has worked as an attorney in private practice since 2001. His first nine years of practice were spent in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he specialized in debtor-creditor law and bankruptcy law on behalf institutional lending clients at large firms including Barnes & Thornburg, and Locke Reynolds, the firm that is now known as Frost Brown Todd. After this valuable experience, Jeffrey Boldt moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 2010, and has practiced here ever since.

Jeffrey is both a litigator and a transactional attorney. He specializes in business and real estate law, creditors’ rights law, bankruptcy, and commercial litigation. He also has considerable experience representing local governmental entities and serving the legal needs of clients who have personal injury claims.

Away from the office, Jeffrey enjoys motorcycle riding, playing guitar, and curating a modest collection of works by contemporary local artists.

Tips to Get the Most Out of an Attorney Consultation

Go with a Goal

When you book an appointment you should have an idea of what you want to accomplish. Do you need advice? Do you want to explore all your options? Decide what it is you are looking for and lead with that. It is much easier for you both to be on the same page if you are clear about your expectations at the beginning.

Be Prepared

Time is money, and being prepared will save time. Before your meeting, consider drafting notes to prepare for your meeting. Additionally, make sure to bring all relevant documents with you at the time of your appointment. The quicker you can effectively get through the facts the faster you can get the legal counseling that you came for.

Just the Facts

This is probably the most difficult advice to follow, but try to limit the emotional part of your story. Most often people visit attorneys when they are emotional. Something upsetting has happened or needs to be discussed. Try to focus your energy into staying on topic. Limit, as best you can, statements about your feelings and stick to the fact pattern. Stay focused and be productive. This will keep your meeting moving and allow you to get to the advice you came for in the first place.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your meeting and at the end. Go into your meeting with a list of questions that you would like answered. You absolutely want to ask questions regarding your legal options, fees, time, and likelihood of success. By the end of your meeting, you should feel comfortable that your concerns have been addressed and confident that your selected lawyer knows what they are talking about.