Anonymous LLCs in Missouri


The digital age has depreciated privacy. Forming an Anonymous LLC is a tactic readily available to help protect it.

Did you know that in the early 1960’s the Walt Disney Company formed various corporations under different business names to purchase swampland in Florida – known today as Disney World?

Regardless of where you’re based, you can choose to form your LLC in any state. That means whether you live in Florida or Missouri, if you want to form an Anonymous LLC, you can easily do it in a state that permits it. Here are the details you need to know, and here is a fuller list of anonymous LLC states.

What is an Anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC is defined as a limited liability company whose owners are not publicly identifiable by the state. An Anonymous LLC is created by being careful where and how an LLC is formed.

Anonymous LLCs are set up to help with:

  • Preventing people from easily looking up(and finding) ownership information on the Internet.
  • Preventing stalkers and others with malicious intent from easily identifying who you are and potentially harassing you or your loved ones.
  • Protecting owners of companies and/or real property.
  • Conducting business without worrying about the fallout from being associated with that business.

Anonymous LLCs cannot provide perfect anonymity and won’t help with:

  • Protection from criminal liability for criminal activity.
  • Tax evasion.
  • Remaining anonymous from the IRS and/or banks.
  • Attempting to prevent from being sued.

How an Anonymous LLC Works

In the simplest form, forming an Anonymous LLC prevents others from looking you up on the Secretary of State’s website. However, it’s important to remember that an Anonymous LLC is not foolproof from releasing ownership information.

The best way for an owner to remain anonymous is to hire a business lawyer so that they can identify as the Registered Agent of the business. This means that if anyone searches for the owner of your business, they will get the lawyer’s information and physical address.

Why Would Someone Create
an Anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC provides all the benefits of a regular LLC, with the additional benefit of not disclosing ownership information on the Internet. This can help all sorts of individuals who have legitimate reasons for anonymity, including:

  • Property owners who wish to limit the ability of tenants from bypassing property managers.
  • Celebrities and public figures who want to limit personal harassment and stalkers.
  • Abuse victims who wish to prevent their abusers from looking them up.
  • Business owners who want to avoid customers or other third-parties and protect their families.
  • Entrepreneurs who are doing “side work” and wish to step away from their current employer.
  • Investors and business leaders who want to experiment in a new market and protect their reputation.
  • Investors who wish to keep secret the businesses they are investing in.

There are a variety of professions that benefit from Anonymous LLCs – landlords, judges, celebrities, law enforcement – really anyone who wants and values their privacy.

Benefits of Anonymous LLCs

Business ownership comes with a lot of perks, but there is a potential downside: compromised privacy.

No matter the size of the company, there are a multitude of situations and reasons one might prefer to keep their business ownership private. Here are a few of the obvious benefits of Anonymous LLCs:

Privacy Protection

Forming an Anonymous LLC allows you to protect your privacy by keeping your name and personal information off the internet.


Starting an anonymous LLC helps you keep your properties and financial status out of the public.

Harassment Prevention

Avoid mass marketing harassment from salespeople, competitors, and stalkers.

Protection from Lawsuits

Whether it's creditors or angry customers, your assets will be safe from a simple Google search when you file an Anonymous LLC.

How to Form an Anonymous LLC

You create an Anonymous LLC by forming a new LLC in a state (i.e. New Mexico, Wyoming or Delaware) with a . third party as the organizer and registered agent. New Mexico is a popular choice due to its low cost and maintenance.

To file an Anonymous LLC, you must submit the business's Articles of Organization to the state. This includes information such as:

  • The name of the company.
  • The duration of the business.
  • The registered agent's information.
  • The business's level of management.
  • The business organizer's signature.

The process is not difficult, and the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, but the worthiness of an Anonymous LLC depends on how much privacy means to you.

Get the Help of a Business Attorney

Privacy does not mean you have something to hide – it means you have something to protect.

If you file an LLC on your own, you must list the owner’s name and address on the initial paperwork filed with the State. In turn, that information is available to the public. This is one of the main reasons that people choose to utilize the services of a business lawyer for help with forming an Anonymous LLC. When you receive help from a business lawyer, they are then listed as the Registered Agent, so your name and information remain private.

Lawyers can also help eliminate unnecessary stress and keep your business reputation in the clear. You own and operate your business with the privacy you desire!

If you think you will benefit from forming an Anonymous LLC in Missouri then get the help of a lawyer