Double LLC For Anonymity
(Works in Florida & Elsewhere)

Mark Pierce
Mark Pierce is the founding partner of Wyoming Trust and LLC Attorney. He is an estate planning and small business structuring expert with over 40 years of experience.

Anonymous Florida LLC

(Works in Other States as Well)

This double limited liability company strategy creates anonymous companies in states which do not seem to allow them. The strategy was first developed in Florida, but the principle can be applied more broadly. There may be some states which still require a manager to sign, in such we offer nominee services. We don't believe you should have to disclose your information if you don't want to. Learn more about Wyoming's anonymous LLC here.

Form a Private Wyoming LLC First

You first need to form a Wyoming LLC. If you form it with us, then we create the company anonymously by default. There are no extra fees to pay or boxes to check. We charge $199 and have a 24 hour guaranteed turn around.

There are other states which allow private LLCs. They are Delaware, Nevada and New Mexico. Delaware and Nevada are too expensive with several hundred dollars in fees per year. New Mexico is cheaper, but IS NOT an asset protection haven. They do not have debtor friendly laws and so we cannot recommend New Mexico LLCs for our clients. Learn more about anonymous LLC states here.

Next: We File With Your Local
Secretary of State (Sunbiz in Fl)

After setting up your private company above, the next step is to file you LLC in your desired state. Most states make you file with their Secretary of State. In Florida, the agency you file with is called Sunbiz. Please note, your Articles of Organization are public. This is why you must use a professional formation service. Regardless of the state, the general steps are as follows:

  1. The Florida Limited Liability company's owners will be listed. Here we list your anonymous Wyoming LLC.
  2. If you want us to list a manager, then we list the LLC in Wyoming.
  3. Provide our phone and address for office information.
  4. The Articles will require an Organizer to sign. We act as the company's Organizer.
  5. We act as the registered agent in Florida and are the company's public face.
  6. Use our incorporation service whenever additional documents need filed. For example, a name change, annual report or DBA. These are all hidden chances where your information can be exposed if you're not careful and file the forms yourself.

Each state is different, but this strategy works in most. Why publish personal information when you don't have to?

Now You Have an LLC in Florida
That is Anonymous

Keeping to the instructions above results in an LLC which does not have your personal information listed anywhere. The Florida Secretary's site will only show your Wyoming company, and the Wyoming Secretary will only show us. We do not hand your information out and their search ends there.

Nominee Services

The double company strategy above is not without a professional service. Our nominee document signing is popular for additional public documents (such as titles) and when additional privacy is desired, e.g. employment contracts.

Anonymous LLC Summary


Every Secretary has differing rules about what must be disclosed. With a little creativity, those rules can usually be made to work in your favor. Anonymous limited liability companies aren't just available in Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada and Delaware. They can be set up in nearly any state as we demonstrated for Florida's LLC. We have more information about anonymous LLC states here and more about forming a Florida LLC here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have an anonymous LLC in Florida?

Florida allows anonymous LLCs via what is commonly called a Double LLC. In Florida you must list the member, so the key is to form an anonymous company in Wyoming and list it as the member.

How do I make my LLC anonymous?

Making an LLC anonymous requires not disclosing the members or managers, which is often done by choosing a company in Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico which allow anonymous companies.

Can LLC owners be anonymous?

Yes, LLC owners can be anonymous. Privacy is a right and there is no reason to make personal information public. It makes your creditors lives easy and can hurt your family. All LLCs should be anonymous in our opinion.

How does an anonymous LLC work?

An anonymous LLC works the same as other limited liability companies, but the members and owners are not forced to disclose their personal information online.