Anonymous LLC States

Mark Pierce
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The purpose of forming an anonymous LLC is to avoid being an easy target for predatory creditors and attorneys. Assets which are easy to find through public databases and online searches make you a tempting target.

Anonymous LLC states enable businesses to form LLCs that shield the identity of company members (owners) or managers while protecting them from being personally liable for business debts.

Cloud Peak Law Group can help you form an anonymous LLC in all 50 states with simplicity, privacy, low fees, and asset protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Anonymous LLCs

Q: What is an Anonymous LLC?

A: When an LLC is formed, most states require that ownership information be disclosed. An anonymous LLC is just like a “regular” LLC but does not require ownership information to be disclosed in the state where the LLC is registered. Some people refer to them as "confidential LLCs" or "private LLCs."

Q: Why Form an Anonymous LLC?

A: In most cases, when you start a new LLC, you have to file formation documents with a state government entity, often the Secretary of State. The information eventually becomes part of the public record, and anyone can access it.

An anonymous LLC can be a fast and easy way to own things privately. Perhaps you want to own a piece of property but want to keep it out of the public eye. Perhaps you want to protect your privacy by keeping your name and address off the internet.

An excellent solution is to make purchases in the name of an anonymous LLC that has no name or home address attached to it.

Q: Which State Should You Choose for Your Anonymous LLC?

A: You can form an LLC in a state you don’t live in. The goal is to find the state that works best for your needs.

The states that currently permit anonymous LLCs are Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming. Each has advantages and disadvantages that may influence your choice.


Delaware has always had a reputation for being business friendly and is most famous for its Corporations. Its laws offer additional protections from personal liability, and they are vigilant about keeping fraudulent LLCs out of their state. Delaware doesn’t require corporate income tax, but you will have to pay a $300 franchise tax each year.


Similar to Wyoming, Nevada is a haven for asset protection, however its fees make it among the most expensive LLCs to start and maintain. Also, the Secretary of State requires a list of LLC members and managers that is not published… yet. If their laws change, your personal information could become public record without your knowledge. In short, Nevada is not the best state for LLC privacy.

New Mexico

This is the only state that does not require disclosure of the ownership of an anonymous LLC to the state, which means your business can expect the strongest privacy and confidentiality. Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming do require identification of owners to the state. There are no annual fees or annual reports, so New Mexico is well-suited to small businesses, cost-conscious investors, and privacy minded individuals.


Among the most tax-friendly states for anonymous LLCs, the State of Wyoming does not require corporate income tax for LLCs in their state. Wyoming’s filing fee is twice that of New Mexico’s and your LLC will be required to pay for an Annual Report (as low as $50, based on your assets within the state).

If you want to protect your privacy and keep your company ownership information out of the public record, forming an anonymous LLC with one of these states will enable you to guard your personal information while shielding your investments from creditors and lawsuits.

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