Wyoming LLC &
Corporation Search Information

Mark Pierce
Mark Pierce is the founding partner of Wyoming Trust and LLC Attorney. He is an estate planning and small business structuring expert with over 40 years of experience.

Why Search For Wyoming Companies?

We commonly use the Wyoming Secretary of State's website to search for business filings. Their online portal allows you to see what company names are available, what filings have been accepted and provides a snapshot of each company's corporate history.

Every company document can be searched, viewed and downloaded. The portal will only allow you to search by company name, Filing ID or DBA, though, not by Organizer, date of formation registered agent or otherwise. We believe this feature helps enhance the privacy of Wyoming companies by making it more difficult to determine ownership, management and more.

Searching Company Names


You may learn more about searching for Wyoming entities by visiting this link. That is the search bar for all Wyoming Secretary of State business filings. There you may find records for limited liability companies, corporations, non-profits, private trust companies, tradename (DBA) registrations and more. If the Secretary has accepted a filing, then you will find it there. The search bar looks like this:

This is the search bar for Wyoming businesses such as LLCs, corporations, non-profits, etc.

After searching for a company, the results page will show you whether the company is in good standing, has a registered agent, the date of formation and the entity type. For more information, click the company's hyperlink to be taken to its dedicated page.

Business Entity Detail Page

Every entity has an entity details page as the Secretary calls it. That page contains all the publicly available information about the company. You can see the name, filing ID, entity type, status, initial filing date, inactive date (if any), mailing address, principal office address, the registered agent's information, and under the "History" tab are all available filings.

Make Sure Your Name is Unique


The most common reason our clients use the search feature is to ensure their company name is available. While our order form allows you to place an alternative name, you may make certain the name is available ahead of time by following these steps:

  • Corporate endings are not distinguishable. This means "Acme LLC" and "Acme Inc" cannot both be used. You must search for ALL filing types, i.e. LLCs, corporations, non-profits and tradenames.
  • These characters and words are not distinguishable: singulars and plurals, special characters, punctuation, Company and Co, Corporation and Corp, Incorporated and Inc, etc.
  • Be sure to search for the business using "contains" not "starts with". This will ensure you have the most accurate results.
  • Every LLC must contain an ending, but Corporations are not required to have one.
  • Certain terms require additional review by the education department, banking division or Secretary of State. These include, but are not limited to, academy, college, educate, institution, bank, trust or companies beginning with just the letter "A".

If you follow these rules when naming your company, then you will avoid having to make amendments to your articles. These cost $50 and take approximately one week to correct with mailing time. For a fuller list of Wyoming entity naming rules please visit here.

Parting Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our page on how to search for Wyoming entities. As we mentioned above, there are a few limitations to what can be queried. However, we believe this is ultimately for the benefit of business owners because it helps keep them anonymous. Note, all you need to remain in good standing is a registered agent and Wyoming has no business license