Corporate Services for Wyoming Companies

Corporate Services for
Wyoming Companies

Intelligently Manage Liabilities, Taxes & Privacy

Why Do Business in Wyoming?

Wyoming is the premier destination for risk management, tax minimization and privacy. These should not be left to chance. Allow our Wyoming LLC attorney to be your partner in this journey. We have helped thousands of clients find their corporate solution:

Need more than help with your company? Are you worried about estate planning or asset protection? Then please contact us today.

Our Corporate

Whether you are starting your first business, or have been at it a while, allow us to handle the details. We will set up your Wyoming company in 24 hours guaranteed. This includes filing your Articles with the secretary and drafting your governing documents. Find out more about our particular services below.

Form a Wyoming LLC

Wyoming was the first state in the union to allow limited liability companies. Today, every other state has followed and allows LLC formations. Since creating the LLC our state has continued to innovate and maintains a lead over similar corporate havens such as Nevada and Delaware. Find more here on forming a Wyoming LLC.

Not sure a Wyoming LLC is for you? View our resources on Wyoming LLC Benefits and Wyoming LLC Privacy to help make up your mind.

Virtual Offices &
Mail Forwarding

Every company we create receives 5 pieces of free mail scanning and a business address. This address is shared by most companies that we form. Those requiring more should look at our Wyoming Virtual Office or mail scanning services.

Our virtual office provides unlimited daily mail handling, unique address, lease agreement and phone forwarding. We can assign either 307 or toll-free numbers. Physical office space for rent is also available for those needing to establish a nexus.

$49 Wyoming
Registered Agent

Every company is required to maintain a registered agent in Wyoming. The agent's function is to provide a designated address for the state to contact your company. You cannot be your own agent if you do not live in Wyoming.

Your first year of registered agent service is free if we form your LLC. We charge $49 in future years. This includes a business address and 5 pieces of mail scanning.


Wyoming corporations compete with Delaware and Nevada. Like those states we have no corporate income tax. However, our privacy protections and low fees make us stand out. We offer nominee services for those who need them.

Wyoming Asset
Protection Trust

Wyoming asset protection trusts are among the most advantageous in the world. We directly compete with traditional offshore trust havens. We allow self-settled and dynasty trusts. Our progressive trust laws also mean asset protection begins immediately with no waiting period. immediately. The Wyoming trust may be used for asset protection, anonymity and lowering taxes. It may stand alone or function as part of a larger estate plan.

Beyond the services above, we offer a number of resources designed to make getting your Wyoming company off the ground and running. Whether you are interested in a business checking account, the difference between Articles of Organization and Incorporation, or something else, then you should visit our page on incorporating in Wyoming.

Wyoming is the only state to allow close LLCs and Corporations. These business entities have reduced formalities and are thus easier to operate than traditional entities. There are ownership transer restrictions, however. These are best for single-member LLCs and tight-knit groups. Find more here on close LLCs and Corporations.

Company Benefits

Low Fees: We charge $199 to form your LLC or Corporation. Wyoming then charges $50 per year when you file your annual report. We cost less than LegalZoom.

Asset Protection: Placing valuable assets inside a Wyoming holding company and leasing them to an operations company in another state can protect you from lawsuits, creditors and malicious employees. We can show you how.

No Taxes: Wyoming has no corporate or personal taxes. The holding company mentioned above can divert revenues form high-tax jurisdictions to our State - saving you thousands.

Anonymity: Only we know who owns your company. We file all Secretary of State paperwork and only our names appear on the public record. LLCs are private by default and we offer nominee officer services for corporations.

Simplicity: Everything can be handled online. There is no need to ever visit Wyoming.

Case Study

Consider an online business. It either has assets, or is in a risky industry, and generates profits of $50,000 per year.

Scenario 1: Domicile where you live and pay an average corporate tax rate of 5% or $5,000. If a client sues, then the company's assets are at risk. Worse yet, if you are a single-member LLC, then there is a chance your state does not provide a rigorous corporate veil. As a result, your personal assets become at risk.

Scenario 2: Place income generating assets in a separate Wyoming limited liability company taxed as a Corporation. Pay $0 in Wyoming taxes, keep assets away from lawsuits and keep your identity private from prying eyes.

Wyoming is the easy choice. You may even use our virtual office service for $300 a year. We will handle all your mail and provide you a phone number. This keeps your address off the internet and provides a professional face to the world.

Why Us?

It is our goal to make your life easy. We have been in your position so we try our hardest to provide value. We also have additional asset protection strategies for those who needing them. In addition to practicing law we have owned and operated our own businesses for over thirty years. This means we understand your situation and can provide creative solutions.

We make forming a Wyoming LLC straightforward and don't overcharge. For your money you receive a company and a partner when your needs change or grow over time. Cheaper "competitors" drop a company in your lap and the help ends there. (If this has happened to you, then contact us and we will help you carve a path forward.)

Those desiring a little more will find our corporate structuring packages offer time tested risk-management and tax-minimization strategies. Other Wyoming attorneys charge an arm and a leg for these services, and websites run by non-attorneys don't offer them at all.

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