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Keyboarding is something that just about everyone has to do at some point, so it's smart to know this skill. When you're a student, you may have to use a computer to write reports and work on other school assignments. After you grow up and get a job, you might have a career as a teacher or an attorney that could involve working on a computer every day. Learning how to type is a must, but you can improve your keyboarding skills with fun typing games as well as practice tests and lessons.

  • Free Online Typing Tutor: Practice your accuracy by going through these lessons, which record both your time and the number of mistakes you make.
  • Typing Test: Start and finish a quick typing test in just one minute.
  • Typing Attack: To play this game, simply type the words on the asteroids that are floating toward you to make the asteroids disappear.
  • Typetastic Activities: Typetastic's typing activities are designed for kids in elementary school and can help you learn the basics of keyboarding.
  • Keyboard Jump: Keyboard Jump involves typing the words that appear on the screen as quickly and accurately as you can.
  • Ninja vs. Zombies: Type the letters to fight off the zombies before they can attack you!
  • Free Typing Lessons: Follow the hands on the screen to learn all the keys on the keyboard.
  • Keyboarding Zoo: Match the letters you see on your screen with the keys on your keyboard to play this game.
  • Typing Practice: Animals: This practice lesson involves listening to the voice say the names of animals and then typing the words into the box.
  • Typing Club: Start learning how to type by going through this basic typing lesson.
  • Dance Mat Typing: As you learn each of the keys, you can have fun and play games at the same time.
  • Alphabet Shoot: Destroy each letter to proceed through the levels.
  • Nitro Type: When the light turns green, type the words you see on the screen as fast as you can.
  • Typing Home Keys J and F: Start your typing lessons by learning the home keys J and F.
  • Free Online Typing Tutor for Kids: This lesson helps you learn keys F, J, R, and U.
  • Test Your Typing Skills: Take this simple one-minute test and you'll find out how fast you type and how accurately you type.
  • Typing Speed Test: At the end of this typing speed test, you'll know your typing speed.
  • How Fast Can You Type? This free typing test gives you words to type as fast as you can so you can find out your typing speed.
  • Free Typing Test: Type each word correctly and as fast as you can to find out your speed, then practice to improve your score.
  • Take a Free Typing Test: Focus on the words you see and type them as quickly as possible to take this free test.
  • Typing Speed Test: Take typing tests often as you're working on your keyboarding skills so you can see your progress.
  • How Many Words per Minute Can You Type? Start typing the words in the box on the screen to take this typing test.
  • Typing Lessons: Take a few lessons or try a typing speed test on this website.
  • Typing Exercise: The Finger Upper-Downer: One part of learning how to type is training your finger muscles to know how to reach the different keys on the keyboard without really thinking about what you're doing.
  • Keyboard Tutorials: Lesson One: You'll learn the keys J and F as you go through this lesson, typing the letters as you see them on your screen.
  • Beginner Typing Lesson: This first lesson focuses on learning the correct finger positions and the home keys.
  • Typing Practice: Learn typing skills as you type famous quotes from books.
  • Free Keyboard Game: This game asks you to type the letters that are illuminated on the screen.
  • Keyboarding Introduction Lesson Plan: This introductory lesson shows you the home row and the fingers that you should use on these keys.
  • Proper Typing Posture: Pay attention to how you're sitting as you work at the keyboard to make sure you're sitting up straight and tall.
  • Prevent Injury and Fatigue With Correct Typing Posture: If you spend a long time at the computer learning how to type, you need to keep good posture so your muscles don't get sore.
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