The value of AIF

Value of working with an AIF

Simply put, but are you sure you place the order 5 million individuals with a legal responsibility for managing someone else's money. The fiduciary is required by law to always act in the best interest of his or her client, beneficiary, retirement plan participant. Yet, many finishers are not even aware of the duties and responsibilities. Accredited investment for the citizens of been provided with the tools and training to help them acquire a thorough knowledge of fiduciary responsibility and confusion invaluable resource investment fiduciaries and individual investors alike don't risk going; various designees have the expertise to help ensure that new investment management processes measuring the corporate insurance standard of care. Explore solo 401k llcs as part of a larger asset protection strategy.


area sickness have successfully completed a socialist program on investment fiduciary standards of care at the center for future studies. The center, and association with University of Pittsburgh Joseph Comcast graduate school business, was established in 1999 to provide the investment industry with the first full-time training and research facility focused exclusively on investment fiduciary responsibility and portfolio management.

Testing is a pastor comprehensive examination on the 27th grade investment practices that form the basis of the training. Designees are also required to strictly appear to continuing professional education requirements, which aids them in staying abreast of recent events in the industry that are affecting every fiduciary.

Prudent Investment Process
the 20 some practices the designees follow have been derived from interpretations of legislation, caselaw, and regulatory opinion letters that govern the fiduciary. Prudent investment practices, the published template that describes these practices, is coproduced for the center and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Each of the twins and practices also listed in this instance, is in the process the defined should help to improve long-term investment performance.

More Information
for more information on the AIF designation, please contact strategic retirement plans at 800-489-8685

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