The Oldest Business in Every U.S. State

Mark Pierce
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While the Declaration of Independence was issued in 1776 (officially making the United States an independent nation), many businesses in the country predate that. There are a multitude of farms, hotels, and restaurants opened by settlers that are still in operation today.

What is the oldest company in America? The research team at Wyoming LLC Attorney (Cloud Peak Law Group) investigated businesses around the country that are still operating to find the oldest business in each state. The oldest American company may surprise you!

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What Are the States With the Oldest Businesses?

The oldest company in the U.S. that is still running is Shirley Plantation in Charles City, VA. The lands of the plantation were first settled in 1613 by Sir Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr. To this day, it is the oldest family-owned business in the United States as well as the oldest active plantation in Virginia.

The next oldest business in the country is Tuttle’s Red Barn in Dover, NH. It has consistently been in operation since 1632. It was run by the Tuttle family for 11 generations until it was sold in October 2013. The compound consists of a 12-room colonial residence, storage barns, greenhouses, and a retail space.

Third on the list is Field View Farm in Orange, CT. The farm was established in 1639, making it one of the oldest companies in the U.S. It has been continuously owned and operated by the Hine family for 12 generations. The next oldest American company is Barker’s Farm Stand, which is located in North Andover, MA. Ten generations of the Barker family have operated this farm since its creation in 1642. The farm offers a variety of fruits, vegetables, and plants and is known for its pick-your-own apple orchard.

Fifth on the list is the Seaside Inn in Kennebunk, ME. This historic hotel, which was established in 1667, is located on Kennebunk Beach. It’s the oldest family-run inn in the United States and has been run by the same family for nine generations.

Coming in at number six is Saunderskill Farm in Accord, NY. This working farm has been continuously farmed by the Schoonmaker family since 1680 and is one of the few farms in America that have earned the Tricentennial Award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Seventh on the list is Kenyon’s Grist Mill in Rhode Island. This unique mill still uses its stone grinder from the 1880s to create flour and meal. The mill has also been featured in television shows hosted by Martha Stewart and Andrew Zimmern.

The state that ranks eighth is New Jersey. The Barnsboro Inn, located in Sewell, originally started as the residence of owner John Barnes. He petitioned the Gloucester County Court to license his home as a tavern, and it has held that license ever since.

What was the first company in Pennsylvania? That would be the Rowland Company, which comes in ninth on the list. Established in 1732, it originally began manufacturing shovels. Today, the company manufactures industrial power transmission products.

The state that comes in tenth is Maryland. The Middletown Tavern, located in Annapolis, has been in business since 1750. Its location made it a popular spot for members of the Continental Congress, particularly after the ratification of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War.

Wyoming’s oldest business is Miners and Stockmen’s Steakhouse. Established in 1862, it comes in 42nd on the list of states with the oldest businesses. If you’d like to own the newest Wyoming business, we can help you form an LLC to do just that.

The Oldest Business by State

State Year Name City Type Description
Alabama 1836 Bromberg’s Mobile Jewelry Store This jewelry store was opened by Prussian immigrant Frederick Bromberg just 18 years after Alabama achieved statehood.
Alaska 1867 Alaska Commercial Company statewide General Store This company can trace its roots back to Catherine the Great of Russia, who gave trading rights to the company's predecessor in 1776.
Arizona 1877 The Palace Restaurant and Saloon Prescott Restaurant/Bar This saloon was allegedly a favorite of Wyatt and Virgil Earp as well as their friend Doc Holliday.
Arkansas 1820 Rose Law Firm Little Rock Law Firm Rose Law was founded 16 years before Arkansas became a state and remains the third-oldest law firm in the U.S.
California 1849 Ducommun Santa Ana Manufacturing This company, which originally started out as a general store, became a metal distributor during the first two world wars and now provides materials to NASA.
Colorado 1857 R&R Market San Luis General Store Founded 19 years before Colorado became a state, this historic market is a popular spot for tourists to take photos.
Connecticut 1639 Field View Farm Orange Farm This farm is the fourth-oldest business in the U.S. and has been owned and operated by the Hine family for 12 generations.
Delaware 1802 DuPont Wilmington Manufacturing DuPont originally was a gunpowder mill and is now one of the world's largest chemical manufacturers.
Florida 1851 Pensacola Hardware Co. Pensacola Hardware Store This hardware store has survived a fire and location changes but continues to thrive due to its customer service and resilience.
Georgia 1753 The Pirates' House Savannah Restaurant/Bar It's a common belief that The Pirates' House is featured in Robert Louis Stevenson's famous adventure novel "Treasure Island."
Hawaii 1849 Amfac Inc. Honolulu General Store Amfac first started as a dry goods store and sugar business. Now, it's a coffee farm and land development company known as Kaanapali Land LLC.
Idaho 1865 Joyce Livestock Co. Murphy Farm The Joyce-Nettleton family has owned this 11,000-acre cattle ranch for five generations.
Illinois 1837 C.D. Peacock Chicago Jewelry Store This jewelry store managed to survive the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and has many locations across the city.
Indiana 1836 Register Publications Lawrenceburg Newspaper Register Publications owns several newspapers, including the Dearborn County Register and the Journal Press.
Iowa 1852 Breitbach's Country Dining Balltown Restaurant/Bar This restaurant, which opened under a federal permit issued by President Millard Fillmore, was destroyed in and rebuilt after two back-to-back fires.
Kansas 1855 Davis Funeral Chapel Leavenworth Funeral Home This funeral home has hosted some of the most notorious criminals in the area, including mobsters Bugs Moran of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and George “Machine Gun” Kelly. Other notables include murderers Richard Hickok and Perry Smith of “In Cold Blood” fame.
Kentucky 1795 Jim Beam Distillery Clermont Distillery Jim Beam is one of the most popular bourbon companies in the world and has been in operation since George Washington was president.
Louisiana 1772 Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop New Orleans Restaurant/Bar The building, which dates back to New Orleans's Spanish Colonial period, is rumored to have been used by Jean and Pierre Lafitte for their smuggling operation in the late 1700s.
Maine 1667 Seaside Inn Kennebunk Hotel The Seaside Inn is one of the oldest businesses in America, and guests have full access to Kennebunk Beach.
Maryland 1750 Middleton Tavern Annapolis Restaurant/Bar This historic tavern was frequented by members of the Continental Congress on such occasions as Gen. George Washington's commission and the ratification of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War.
Massachusetts 1642 Barker’s Farm Stand North Andover Farm Barker's Farm Stand features locally grown produce and is still owned by the Barker family.
Michigan 1828 George Jerome & Co. Detroit Civil Engineering This civil engineering company was a major player in Detroit's development as a city and is still owned by the family.
Minnesota 1886 Fred W. Radde & Sons New Germany Auctioneer Since its founding, Fred W. Radde & Sons has specialized in live auctions, but it has since added online, phone, and proxy bidding.
Mississippi 1789 King’s Tavern Natchez Restaurant/Bar King's Tavern is considered to be the most haunted restaurant in Mississippi. Three skeletons were found behind the establishment's fireplace in the 1930s.
Missouri 1842 O’Malley’s Pub Weston Restaurant/Bar The pub is now part of the Weston Brewing Co., which still uses the more-than-50-foot-deep beer cellar for its operations.
Montana 1863 Bale of Hay Saloon Virginia City Restaurant/Bar This business was a grocery and liquor store until it became a saloon in 1890.
Nebraska 1857 First National Bank Omaha Bank When the Kountze Brothers originally opened the bank, they mainly traded in gold dust and buffalo hides.
Nevada 1853 Genoa Bar Genoa Restaurant/Bar The location still includes some of the original features, including half of the bar and a red oil lamp that is lit once a year on New Year's Eve.
New Hampshire 1632 Tuttle’s Red Barn Dover Farm This farm and country store was founded by John Tuttle when he arrived in the U.S. with a land grant from Charles II of England. The original 20-acre farm now has 134 acres.
New Jersey 1720 Barnsboro Inn Sewell Restaurant/Bar Owner John Barnes, whom the inn is named for, petitioned the Gloucester County Court to license his residence as a tavern and then began taking in guests.
New Mexico 1835 El Farol Santa Fe Restaurant/Bar Originally known as La Cantina del Cañon, El Farol is a popular destination that hosts dinner shows featuring dancers from the National Institute of Flamenco.
New York 1680 Saunderskill Farm Accord Farm The 300 acres of this historic location have been continuously farmed since 1680.
North Carolina 1784 Tavern in Old Salem Salem Restaurant/Bar The Tavern in Old Salem is known for its Moravian chicken pie, as the Salem area was home to many Moravian immigrants in the 1700s.
North Dakota 1873 The Bismarck Tribune Bismarck Newspaper This newspaper won a Pulitzer Prize in 1938 for its series titled "Self-Help in the Dust Bowl."
Ohio 1803 The Golden Lamb Lebanon Restaurant/Bar Throughout the years, The Golden Lamb has hosted 12 U.S. presidents, including John Quincy Adams.
Oklahoma 1892 BC Clark Jewelers Oklahoma City Jewelry Store Oklahoma residents know BC Clark for its iconic holiday jingle that's featured in ads for five weeks starting on Thanksgiving evening. The store claims that it may be the longest-running jingle in the country.
Oregon 1849 Van Dusen Beverages Astoria Beverage Bottler This business first opened as a general store and now bills itself as the world's smallest Pepsi bottler.
Pennsylvania 1732 The Rowland Company Philadelphia Manufacturing The Rowland Company started out manufacturing shovels and has since become a manufacturer of industrial power transmission products.
Rhode Island 1696 Kenyon’s Grist Mill Usquepaugh Mill Kenyon’s still uses its 1880s-era stone grinder to turn grain and corn into flour and meal.
South Carolina 1778 McCrady’s Tavern and Long Room Charleston Restaurant/Bar McCrady's has been a fixture of the Charleston social scene for centuries. It's rumored that George Washington once enjoyed a 30-course meal at the establishment.
South Dakota 1883 Look's Market Sioux Falls Restaurant/Bar The market was originally a meat counter but now also sells baked goods, cheese, and beer. It also has a restaurant.
Tennessee 1842 Austin and Bell Funeral Home Turnersville Funeral Home Originally a cabinet shop that also made caskets, it now has multiple locations across the state.
Texas 1843 Imperial Sugar Sugar Land Sugar Producer The city of Sugar Land, the company's headquarters, takes its name from the oldest business in Texas, which has been producing sugar for more than a century.
Utah 1850 The Deseret News Salt Lake City Newspaper This newspaper takes the name "deseret" from the word for "honeybee" in the Book of Mormon.
Vermont 1799 Fort Ticonderoga Ferry Shoreham Ferry Boat This is the oldest ferry operation in the U.S. and has been taking people from Shoreham, Vermont, to Ticonderoga, New York, for more than 200 years.
Virginia 1613 Shirley Plantation Charles City Farm Shirley Plantation is considered to be the oldest business in the United States and was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1970.
Washington 1855 Laird Norton Co. Seattle Wealth Management This company started as a frontier logging operation and has been a family-operated wealth management company for seven generations.
West Virginia 1778 The Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs Hotel The Greenbrier is a luxury resort that has hosted 26 U.S. presidents over the years, including Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Wisconsin 1845 Minhas Craft Brewery Monroe Brewery Minhas is the oldest brewery in the Midwest and the second-oldest in the U.S. The brewery survived the Great Depression, Prohibition, and a fire.
Wyoming 1862 Miners and Stockmen’s Steakhouse Hartville Restaurant/Bar While Hartville now has fewer than 100 residents, in the 1800s, it was a booming mining town. People would secretly gather together in the building's basement to drink during Prohibition.